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Is Your Pet an Angel?
If you have a pet, chances are you "always" think they are a little angel! Seriously, animals can be very healing and spiritual beings. Sometimes it seems that our pets just know when we need some cheering up or when we are sick. One of my cats is always by my side if I get sick. I actually have used him as a deciding factor to see if I am "really" sick - because if this particular cat in our household is paying special attention to me, I just might have a case of the sniffles!

Our relationships with our pets are pure and uncomplicated. We can feel the pure, unconditional love that our pets give to us. This love between pets and people is very special and unique.

In the book, Angel Cats: Divine Messengers of Comfort, author Linda Anderson shares many cat owners’ stories of cats that truly act as angels. Cats that are there exactly when their owner needs someone to love and comfort them. Sometimes cats that have even rescued their owners!

Do you have a pet that is an angel? How has your pet been an angel to you?

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By Gertrud, Friday, July 23, 2010 05:41:07 PM
My German Shepert girl name Weiwi,which means "Little Woman" in german was my Angel. As long as she was with me it was almost as if she was reading my mind,she was my protector,when I did'nt feel good she did'nt leave my site she would lay her head in my lap and look at me with her brown eyes.She was my companien for almost 10 years,when her time came to leave ,I heald her in my arms and we lookt in each others eyes,ontill the light in her's went out.I so miss my sweet weiwi and somtimes think she is near me,but I am not sure.Ijust pray she is in a better place waiting for me there.
By MaLorie, Sunday, August 16, 2009 01:48:27 AM
I have lost very precious cats in the past for various reasons, sometimes I feel very sad about their loss. Feeling guilty for the circumstances of their loss. So often, especially when I grieve for them, I will feel them rubbing against my legs. At first it was very alarming, but in an instant I knew they were visiting me. They say hi to me often. I have 2 cats now & I am very protective over them, determind not to make the same mistakes. I have the ability to take pictures of various paranormal activity, my female cat will sit on my lap often & will clearly look up & follow something I cannot see. This happens on a regular basis, she can see what I catch on camera. I've caught some beautifull images on my camera, & she see's them daily with her normal vision. I am amazed at the attention I get from my deceased cats, & my current cat's love & ability to see what I cannot. Yes, they are angels!
By Naomi, Thursday, August 06, 2009 03:44:00 PM
I wanted to tell this story to all of you that need that little push into believing that there beloved pets are always around you. I had a beautiful flame point cat, with the biggest blue eyes, my best friend named Kalie, she was my world in a time of transition for me. I traveled with my job and it became a way of life for about 8 years, she went every where with me. she was my princess. on the occasion that we did make it home to restock and rest she knew she could go outside and play in the old neighborhood. but this one time she did not come home. I was stressing terribly on about the 2nd night of a no show so I went to bed and that morning about 3am the shelf in the main bathroom fell off the wall and everything crashed to the ground bringing me out of a dead sleep, I leaped to the floor and went in the bath to see that the nails the shelf were hanging on where still in tack and pointing up as if the shelf was still on it, I was baffled and confused. the next morning about 10am after pacing around the house knowing I would have to get ready to leave in 2 days for work, and no Kalie, I went out side and stood there my eyes searching as if they them self's were calling her. I turned back towards the house and noticed a small white spot at the corner of the lawn by the edge of the house, my heart sank, she was not moving, I knew the worst had happened. after a long time of just holding her in my arms and knowing I was being pressed for time, I decided that I could not put her in the ground, and properly packaged her and placed her in the freezer until I could return home with my decision to have her cremated. Leaving with a broken heart I mourned and grieved terribly for 4 months, I decided to not have another pet to drag along with me and my gulling schedule. I returned home and back out again to another job only to miss her so much more. then I decided I could not take it any more, I looked up and said out loud, Kalie baby girl I cant take it any more, Please send me a replacement for you. I can't look for myself, Please help me I love and miss you so much. Well I have to say this, she was listening and when I returned home again, my mom called me one night and this was very shortly after my return, and said that she thinks Kalie got out of the freezer, come over and see this. Well as I flew over to her house there he was the spitting image of Kalie, only in a male form. A tom cat that was dirty and hungry with no ID tags or a sign of someone owning him, My Mom's other cat's adopted her the same way. He was so loving and kind and the same big blue eyes that Kalie had. I was so happy I cried. Kasee and I have been together ever since. I named him Ka see because Kalie could see and I thank her everyday for him. I know she is still around and with both of us, I just look in his big blue eyes.PS I did have Kalie cremated and she's with me as she was all along . Thank you baby girl. Naomi Lyons, Eugene OR
By Nancy, Wednesday, July 15, 2009 11:53:54 AM
My daughter and I have both seen our little Bunny-Girl who passed about a year ago. It's usually just for a second almost a flash. Occasionally I hear her bark at night to get up on the bed. I feel silly but can't help but pat the bed and say "jump". I know she is there visiting. As a Hospice worker I have had several patients who have seen loved pets come to them in their last couple days. Family members often think they are hallucinating (they usually aren't) I can always tell if they are seeing something or hallucinating you can see it in their eyes.
By carmen, Monday, March 23, 2009 07:45:59 PM
I Love CATS!!! I always have three cats in my household.My oldest cat Kato who,s been with me for 20years just passed away on 5/8/2008 from kidney disease.I miss him terribly, everytime I think about him I cry even as i,m typing this .Everytime i didn,t feel well he would climb up to my bed and sleep with me. every day of his life,he always slept on my bed next to me .Towards the end he was my Little old man,I know he,s in heaven with my other decease cat Rocky,Elliott,Sheba and Kato. My other two cat left kiki and mika miss him also.They,re both looking for him when he passed.
By tina, Saturday, February 07, 2009 07:58:18 AM
I have always loved my cats and they have spirit which is orange shiny color that comes and goes and they are verty intuitive when I am sad and they come sit on my lap to comfort me. they cry with me.
By Evelyn, Saturday, February 07, 2009 12:39:07 AM
Regarding the post about the eyes of a pet turning golden, yes I think that was the animal's spirit. One day my cat was lying on the floor near me and all of a sudden this golden light seemed to come out of hs head. It stayed there for a minute and went back in. I think that was his spirit. It was a very special moment for me.
By Shirley, Friday, February 06, 2009 01:58:08 PM
I remember vividly my black pug, Alexis being there when I needed her. My husband had a serious biking accident and was in the hospital in need of surgery. As I arrived home after having a really difficult afternoon gathering the bike, getting him settled at the hospital and in general just being 'on', I walked into the house and the pug who ususally would jump, do circles and bark was quiet and walked up to me looking intently at my face. I sat next to her and hugged her and started to cry. She just continued to snuggle. What a dog, how did she know. She is on the other side and I sometimes feel her presence. She even waited for me to come home in her moment of passing and did not go until she was in my arms. I do miss her.
By mary, Tuesday, September 16, 2008 05:37:34 AM
my cat felony has been there for me when i am stressed out or arguing he is coming to me wanting me to pet him he knows when thing's are not right he rubs against me jumps on me laying on me. mary jo
By c, Saturday, September 06, 2008 09:04:23 AM
I have two cats and three cavalier king charles spaniels and they are my saving grace every day. thet each know when im stressed out or feeling ill and seem to know when to really pile on the love at just the right moment. my cats seem to be more affectionate with me in the fall and winter months then when spring and summer hit they want to be outside, cant blame them. another thing that I have been noticing with my dogs mostly is that ever since I had surgery on my knee they often will come up to me and sit against the foot of my bad knee and intensely saniff up and down my leg from just below the knee down to my lower calf like they smell somthing and its often takes a little work to get them to stop like I have to walk away quickly because saying no wont always work. I get a little freaked out by this sometimes because I wonder if they are sensing somthing wrong in the leg that I may be ignoring.

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