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Know That God Loves You


Do you know that God loves you? Don’t just push aside that thought…really feel it. Really feel that God loves you, just as you are.


God is a magnificent being, but often Father/Mother God is misunderstood and this means that people don’t have the best relationship with God that they could. God is all-perfect. God is also all-knowing. But most importantly, God is all-loving—and all-forgiving.


Feel deep in your heart that God loves you. That God forgives you. That God sees truly into your soul exactly who you are meant to be.


It is truly sad but some people hang on to the feeling that God is “mad” at them—or even worse that God is somehow going to “get” them for something they have done. These beliefs are so untrue.


I hope that you connect with God however you feel the most comfortable. Some people like to pray to God daily. Some have a meditation practice. Connect with this all-loving, all-forgiving, magnificent force whenever you wish to—God is always there for you.


God loves you. Always.

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By Janice, Thursday, June 05, 2008 04:44:49 AM
I do believe that God loves each and everyone of us. God is the best gift and every time i have problems, i just talk to God and every thing will go right. Let us just be guided by God's will and always pray to Him.
By Crystal, Wednesday, June 04, 2008 02:37:08 PM
You are very right Aries, God loves us all and no matter what we do, He does not hate us. His love is a pure love that we can't even begin to grasp. But you are right about the rest of it too. Very astute. God loves His creations. But He did not create evil. Or hate. Those are creations of our own choices. God loves us so much that He gives us the freedom to choose whether or not we are willing to follow Him. But He is complete good. And we can not come before Him with our sinful nature still on us. That is just how it is. God is God and we are who we are.
By drizzle, Tuesday, June 03, 2008 10:07:14 PM
Xiflada, I can understand why you'd see it like that but I don't think we're meant to understand everything on heaven and earth all the time. All we can do is trust what we feel inside ourselves deep down. He's there, I believe it. Maybe I'll understand the workings of the world in later years but somehow I doubt it. I'm okay with that.
By Xiflada, Tuesday, June 03, 2008 04:30:42 PM
It's so hard to believe God loves you when you have so many problems and bad things happening around you. It's hard to trust that he's even out there with all this chaos around the world. But I do belive he loves me and that he watches out for me and my family.
By Aries, Tuesday, June 03, 2008 03:59:08 PM
Though God is capable of wrath, he doesn't punish us for our sins if we acknowledge our sins, repent, and accept him and his son. I don't follow a particular religion, but I believe that God is incapable of hating us, after all, it's said that we were created in his image.
By feyoracle, Monday, June 02, 2008 03:53:00 PM
I don't believe that God gets mad at us. He's all loving and all seeing but that doesn't mean he gets mad at us when we do wrong. I don't buy the old hellfire and brimstone stuff at all. Why would God want to scare us into following him? That doesn't make sense to me. But each shall find their own way and believe what they wish. That's the greatest gift God gave us - free will. If he wanted us to be perfect and never make a mistake, He wouldn't have given us that, would he? I don't think we need to ask for it.
By carla, Monday, June 02, 2008 10:57:40 AM
sylvia says that on the otherside or heaven,there is no religions .only on this side we have religion. we here to learn .we are here not to be predjidice about diffrent religions and races, cultures. we are here to get along . there is alot of negativity in this world.
By carla, Monday, June 02, 2008 10:51:28 AM
crystal, everyone is taught different in this world. some peaple fear god and some dont. we are all special to god. we are all unique in our own way. there are alot of peaple in this world ,who is brainwashed from the dogma of the religion. god is with us all the time. god is everywhere. god loves everything that he created. yes we are going to make mistakes. we are not perfect. thats good that you are using your head or logic. we are here to expericence and learn different lessons. they say the best fall down -sometimes to. practice makes perfect. life is like a roller has ups and downs. life is pretty interesting to me. you dont what things are going to happen to you,in life good or bad. we are always learning. there is not a day that gos by that were learning something new. god loves me ,no materr what. i have a good relasionship with god. everybody does in there own way, whether we relize it or not. god is always there for us. i pray for the whole universe. well i got to go now. bye for the way god knows our thoughts.god knows everything. god is all knowing. god is a super being. all supreme being. god bless you all.think positive.
By Crystal, Saturday, May 31, 2008 11:09:21 AM
Leigh, it sounds like you were taught that fearing God was everything. But there does have to be balance. while we should not be afraid that God is going to strike us down at any moment, He is in many respects like a loving parent. Yes, He does get angry and frustrated with us, but like a good parent, He isnt' going to just kill us for making mistakes. However, we can push God too far, and without asking for His forgivness and accepting His forgiveness, which is always right there just waiting for us to realize it, we wont' make it into Heaven. It is a 2 way street. God isnt' going to "strike anyone down" for making mistakes, but neither is He some kind of nut who doesn't feel anything but a syrupy, sappy, dopey kind of love and never sees what we do wrong. Just like we do with our children, He tries to help us see what is right and to do what is right.
By Karen, Saturday, May 31, 2008 08:21:15 AM
Sometimes I feel I ask God for too much.I also think he says no a lot.I guess my chart would be off course if everything I asked of Him would be granted.How would I learn anything if life only had ups and no downs.Growing would stop.

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