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Know That God Loves You


Do you know that God loves you? Don’t just push aside that thought…really feel it. Really feel that God loves you, just as you are.


God is a magnificent being, but often Father/Mother God is misunderstood and this means that people don’t have the best relationship with God that they could. God is all-perfect. God is also all-knowing. But most importantly, God is all-loving—and all-forgiving.


Feel deep in your heart that God loves you. That God forgives you. That God sees truly into your soul exactly who you are meant to be.


It is truly sad but some people hang on to the feeling that God is “mad” at them—or even worse that God is somehow going to “get” them for something they have done. These beliefs are so untrue.


I hope that you connect with God however you feel the most comfortable. Some people like to pray to God daily. Some have a meditation practice. Connect with this all-loving, all-forgiving, magnificent force whenever you wish to—God is always there for you.


God loves you. Always.

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By Leigh, Friday, May 30, 2008 12:44:46 AM
I think the reason that I turned against organized religion is because, in the experience that I had, we were made to feel afraid and ashamed if we made a mistake, and were made to feel that we angered God. God IS all loving and all forgiving, and see everyone for who they are and knows that people can and will make mistakes in their lifetime. We are sent here to Earth as a learning experience, basically like going to school. And when we return home no matter how many mistakes we have made while we are here, God is still going to love us unconditionally.
By Crystal, Thursday, May 29, 2008 08:27:48 PM
God does love us and is ALWAYS right there ready and waiting fo forgive us, but we do have to ASK Him to do so. So many times people take that for granted. His forgiveness is free and always there for the asking, but we do have to ask for it. We have to acknowledge to Him that we realize that we have done something wrong and need Him.

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