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Learning to Listen to Your Angels

Some say angels talk to us in whispers. Other times it feels like they are shouting at us. What does it feel like when your angels are talking to you? When have you experienced your angels talking to you?

Sometimes when your angels talks to you, it is not always speaking to you using mere words. They can send you the inspiration to do somethingósuch as driving a different way to work so you miss that really bad traffic jam. Or they may encourage you to speak to someone in your daily life that you usually donít speak to. Maybe this person could just use a good friend in their lives, or the angels are actually sending them a message through your words.

Angels can also talk through synchronicities. Have you ever needed information or a resource, only to have someone or something come along just at the right time with that exact needed resource? I will admit to you that I lost someoneís telephone number today†so I was looking it up, something very easily done now on the Internet, and much to my surprise this exact person called me with a question. Thatís the angels at work for you!

What messages have your angels sent you? When have your angelsí messages surprised you?

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By Marsha, Friday, May 09, 2008 05:32:58 PM
Several years ago I worked third shift at an assisted living facility. There were no other employees - just me. One night I had to go to a resident's room for some reason. When I came out, as I was pulling the door shut behind me, I happened to look up the hall, and there was a beautiful angel. She was very tall, with long golden hair, wearing a white robe with a gold braided sash around her waist. Her beautiful white wings were positively shining! She just smiled at me and nodded. I could hear her in my head. She said - You know what you have to do. Unfortunately, I'm still trying to figure it out. But, even though I still don't understand what she meant, I know it will come when the time is right. Kylesgranny
By Scribes, Friday, May 09, 2008 09:36:18 AM
I was depressed a couple of days ago because of some setbacks that had happened in my life, but after a few days of talking things out with my best friend, I realized things weren't so bad, and I could find some ways around my problems. Sometimes you can listen to the angels inside OTHER people! :-)
By Giselle, Thursday, May 08, 2008 09:20:14 AM
When I was around 18 yrs. old, I was insecure and felt unworthy, unwanted and unloved. So of course, after I introduced my new boyfriend to a girlfriend of mine, I felt that she and he were better for one another and that I was foolish to believe that he would be interested in me. After I got into bed that evening I began to cry and the pain that I felt was uncontrollably full of dispair, because I felt worthless and unwanted, yet again. I believe what happened next was God's saving grace...because that night's pain was an accumulation of all the hurtful feelings I experienced in my childhood( it was the "last straw effect" that I was feeling ). I actually felt my spirit spiralling down into a dark bottomless pit. My spirit was falling, and with every negative thought I had of myself, I kept spiralling down even further till I was so scared, that I thought I was going to die. Then, all of sudden, a huge translucent white hand caught my spirit and instantaneously, postive thoughts rushed into my mind replacing all the negative thoughts I had. And with every new good thought, I felt my spirit rising out of the pit. I actually felt my spirit being lifted up and then I realized that I was enveloped by a white glowing light of what felt like unconditonal love. I was being healed with this love, it was very intense and I remember feeling that I was truely and completely loved for the very first time in my life. In the next moment, I saw my spirit was above my body which was lying on the bed, and then, boom...I was back in my body. But I was still feeling and seeing the glow around me. I then noticed that my body was trembling from the energy that entered my whole being and from that moment on, I was never again that sad and lost soul that use to be me! This happened 30 years ago come this June,2008 and I thank God everyday for sending me that Angel, who pulled me out and rescued me from that "dark pit of dispair" that night. Thank God for Angels! Giselle
By Deonia, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 05:24:15 PM
Earlier today, May7,2008, I posted my story about my guardian angel/spirit guide. I came back looking for it and I see other comments but not mine. Is there somewhere else I should go to read all of the posts? And why does mine not show up? Are there bugs in the softwear here to iron out yet? I did have a hard time getting back to the comments and tell your angel story area. Deonia PS, I did hit "post" when I finished.
By Carol, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 03:52:01 PM
For the past couple of days I felt down and a little bit sad. I felt uneasy with the way my life was going. Then I got on the computer to go over some up lifting information I had saved then, I saw this website on my computer and now I feel so much better. It has lifted me up again I feel I am on the right track. Thank You Carol.
By LaVon, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 05:45:35 AM
This is too incredible to just be coincidence, it HAD to be my angels. About 20 yrs ago, I moved to a new town and was looking for a new car, I drove out the interstate quite a distance and ran out of gas, no gas station in sight. I was on a blind curve off-ramp when my car stopped. I was alone and very nervous, after a few minutes I got out of my car and started walking. Within 5 seconds a wrecker pulled up, rather run down, but I was glad to see him. Well, he hooked me up and then his truck would'nt start! We spent about an half hour on his truck, no luck. So we headed out walking on the interstate, within 5 seconds again, a state trooper pulled up and took us both to the nearest gas station which was about 5 miles up the interstate and they drove me back to my car and put the gas in. My angels really had to work that day! I have no idea where that tow truck guy went, maybe he was an angel to. LaVon
By sallie, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 01:42:40 PM
A couple of years ago, I went up North to pick up my Daughter and bring her back home. I arrived at about 2-3am and we were driving back taking route 5, the kids were asleep (my son in the back and my daughter in the front passenger side and my daughter's friend in the back seat), it was early in the morning, I was tired (no sleep since the day before) and I prayed to God to get us home safetly and as I was starting to weave off the road I happened to look out of the corner of my eye toward my daughter and I saw a white figure, then on my left side (drivers side) and I woke up completely and drove all the way home without any problems. I was soo energized that I could not get to sleep when I got home. A friend gave me a vizor clip of an angel that says Do not drive faster than your angel can fly. Another time when I first moved down to Orange County, California, I would pray every night (my son was just a baby -2 yrs. old) and when I got off work at night (I worked from 3-11:30pm), I would say my prayers and put my son in bed with me to cuddle then put him back in his crib before I fell asleep. One night I was so tired that I did not say my prayers but fell asleep. I woke up with someone poking me in my back, I thought that it was my son, and I told him to stop it, but I looked and he was in his crib. I believe that it was my angeles telling me to say my prayers. So I got up out of bed and kneeled and said my prayers, other times they would talk to me and tell me that everything would be alright. But for the last couple of years, they have not talked to me and keep asking for them to come to me and talk with me. I just have dreams instead. Sallie D
By Dawn, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 12:03:15 PM
I went on the I Can Do it Cruise to Mexico. I noticed with Sylvia Browne and other Speakers that there were a lot of orbs around them. And the energy on that cruise was just phenominal! And then one night I was awoken by my room mate that is also phsycic by her yelling something and then laid back down to sleep. Well I was awake and couldn't get back to sleep. I saw angels in our cabin. There were four of them. They seemed to be there for my room mate but all I could do was lie there in awe. I ask everyday for my angels to guide and protect me. That makes me feel like I can handle anything that comes my way.
By Anza, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 11:03:43 AM
Quite a few years ago when I was going through a very rough time with my teenage daughter who had serious problems including drugs and running away from home, etc. I saw an angel. I had gone home from work for lunch one day and was rushing around my kitchen to not be late getting back. No one else was home. My kitchen door to the back hallway was open was open and in the doorway, out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone ever so briefly but oh so clearly. The "person" was tall dressed in a white long robe that had a square collar. The collar trim was a coral color with gold design, ever so beautiful. A beautiful nearly transluscent face and dark hair, length to the ears with bangs straight across. I could not tell if it was male or female. Somehow I knew it was an angel.
By Scribes, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 10:54:20 AM
That's the little voice inside our heads. :D Those little cartoons featuring two beings on someone's shoulder, the angel and the devil, that's really the way it is. We can choose to do good things, or bad things. We listen to the voices and make our choice. I don't think the idea is necessarily to LISTEN to the voices -- but to FOLLOW what they say. :D

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