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Meeting My Angel - And Why I Switched to Decaf

Hello, my name is Abby Beal and I am the moderator for the Angel Blog. This blog is all about angels! We hope that you will share your thoughts and experiences about angels with us.


I always knew that angels existed—but didn’t really think so much about them until I was twenty-five. It was then that I was introduced to my angels.


I was getting ready for work one morning when I heard a voice say “don’t go to work!” I was very startled, because I knew I heard the voice, but it wasn’t an actual voice. I ignored it and kept getting ready. I heard it again: “don’t go to work today!” except this time two hands held me quite still so I couldn’t move. I was pretty shaken up—I decided I better drink decaf coffee that day!


Work that day was pretty routine; I was a secretary at the time. I took my lunch break and the office manager asked me to run an errand.


Driving back to the office, I turned the wheel to go into the office parking lot and as I turned the wheel—WHAM! A truck hit me from behind. My car sped through the parking lot. I knew these moments were happening in mere seconds, but they felt like a whole hour long. I could feel hands holding me across the chest as the car flew across the parking lot. My brakes weren’t working. I pulled the emergency brake and the car stopped inches before hitting the brick wall we all parked next to.


Shakily I got out of the car to survey the damage. My trunk was pretty banged up. The truck driver took one look at me getting out of the car and drove away. I could hear an ambulance siren in the distance and realized it was coming for me. People started pouring out of our office complex.


After that experience I understood with my whole heart that there were truly angels. I started taking workshops and reading books to learn more about angels, spirituality and metaphysics.


Well, that is my first angel story. I am sure you have some angel stories too. When did you meet your angels?

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By Dana, Monday, May 19, 2008 03:03:44 PM
I don't know if I met my guardian angel or spirit guide during mediation (my first attempt after many years of not doing it), all I know is apparently one of the two really, really wanted me to see them. This individual came through so powerfully it scared me, but my God was a truly gorgeous African American looking lady.
By Sophie, Monday, May 19, 2008 02:53:03 PM
Has Sylvia written any of you back at all? Has she responded to you? Let me know, I have not heard from Sylvia, I see all of your questions and concerns but no responses? WHAT IS THE DEAL?
By Sophie, Monday, May 19, 2008 02:51:14 PM
Has Sylvia written any of you back at all? Has she responded to you? Let me know, I have not heard from Sylvia, I see all of your questions and concerns but no responses? WHAT IS THE DEAL?
By Sophie, Wednesday, May 14, 2008 09:53:46 AM
These are all amazing concepts and stories. I am not sure if angels are truly ones with wings as you saw. I think this is one of those things that is only believable when it happens to you.
By Florence, Sunday, May 11, 2008 11:18:40 AM
Many years ago I had an unusual experience regarding angels. I had been mourning my mom's death for many months. I was unable to sleep through the night and would wake up constantly. One night I got up and went to lay down on the couch in the den. As I was laying there an angel appeared in front of the TV. It was very tall and kind of silvery in color. I did see wings on either side of the "body." On the other side of the room in the corner of the ceiling there was a small gold angel smiling at me. I got up and returned to my bedroom still in a state of total shock at what I had just seen.
By Diane, Sunday, May 11, 2008 10:06:11 AM
We lost our son 5 years ago, he was 20. He had drowned in a river and took 9 days to find him. I wanted to give up on everything. Mothers Day was approaching and I told my husband and 2 kids that I didn't care to have Mothers Day. The morning of mothers Day I went to the top drawer of my dresser and didn't know why or what I was looking for when I came across a card form Chad the son we lost. The card was from the year before. After reading the card again I snapped out of my deppression, and realized I had 2 other kids to care about. I still am not sure what drew me to that drawer but I tell myself it was an angel.
By Diane, Sunday, May 11, 2008 09:57:12 AM
By Teresa, Saturday, May 10, 2008 06:28:00 PM
When I was 11 years old, I had a near-death experience. I was sick with a kidney disease and not expected to live. When I went to that tunnel with a white light, I stood in the white light and was asked if I wanted to enter or go back to the body. There were several angels there and they did not have wings. They were full of light. Wonderful love eminated from them and I understood who they were. For years, I went around saying, "Angels don't have wings!" "Angels don't have wings!" "Angels don't have wings!" That was nice of me, don't you think? Well, just before I returned to college, I went to go see Dannion Brinkley in Denver, Colorado. I was sorting some things out about what I should be doing with my life and life purpose and my physical ability to do so. While I waited for Dannion's seminar to start, I went into a freebe seminar that was called "How to invoke angels with harps." or something to that affect. Three ladies had harps and they would strum on them and call angels with them, so they said. Well, this seemed interesting to me, so I volunteered to be part of the calling of angels. I was to sit on a chair, blindfold my eyes and simply experience what was about to happen. Later, I was to report to the audience what my experience was. Well, I heard the harps, and quite frankly, it sounded like an amateur that was playing a portable harp for the first time and didn't know how to read notes or play a single song (which I think is true for these ladies.) It was cute and I had the time. After a little while of listening to the music, it took on a 3-D affect and sounded like a symphony! Ooooooh my. This was really nice now, I thought. These ladies really are good once they warm up. A sense of calm and peacefulness surrounded me and went through my body as if being massaged. All of a sudden, I felt someone come from behind me and wrap what felt like wings, angel wings, around me and hug me. I thought to myself, "Are those feathers?" At that instant the angel behind me (in costume, I assumed with my eyes closed and bandana on) ran the feathers along my ankles and arms so that I could feel the veins of the feathers. Wow! It was magnificent and after verifying that it was indeed feathers, I was really glad I stepped into this room while I killed time. I thought the wing costume was a little lame and a bit much, because "ANGELS DON'T HAVE WINGS!!!!!" Haaaaaaaaaa. But, if it's part of the show, it sure feels nice on my ankles and arms and the peaceful feeling with that symphony was just extraordinary! Nice job, ladies, I thought! I felt good, relaxed, and just better somehow. I felt everything would be OK. I felt alone in my decision-making process about my life up until now. I sat there with the peaceful feeling as I heard the music end and the lady ask the volunteers to tell of their experience. Well! I explained my experience as noted above and kind of giggled at the wings part, but said, I felt very good now; at peace. The kind lady stated that there was no "show", no "costume" and no symphony. In fact, she said my chair had no one around it and no one approached it the entire time I sat there. I didn't believe her and asked neighbors a short distance away to confirm or deny. They confirmed that no one came near me. OK, I'm looking a little crazy here..... FREAK OUT!!!!! Urgh! Oh, no, run to the bathroom and hide. That's what I did. Well, apparently, people report hearing a symphony when angels visit and these angels, for the first and only time in my life, appeared with wings that spread at least 20 feet. I really, really felt them and angels made sure of that. Why did angels appear to me this way? Because in my infinite wisdom, I was running around saying angels don't have wings! The only way they could convince me (and that's all they were concerned with) is to appear with wings. The hug is hard to describe as is the 3-D symphony of harps. Wings, harps, etc. It sounded so cliche' I was embarrassed and "knowing" that angels don't have wings made it all the harder. I felt the wings on my ankles and arms right down to the massive wings and veins, so I couldn't dismiss it after validating it in the moment. Angels did this for me, because I was feeling very alone in my life's direction. They were telling me that they are still around me even though I was an adult and not 11. They are with me, have time for little ol' me, and love me. I am not alone. Shut me up on that "Angels don't have wings!" theory. Yes, they appeared to me originally full of light and love and then again with wings, harps, and love. I knew I had been in the presence of angels and it did freak me out when I realized there was no show. Just an angel visit and it was real. I went for the Dannion Brinkley seminar and wasn't that impressed. But the free angel visit was very profound and not an experience I will forget anytime soon. I left with what I needed to plan my future and begin again at school. I struggle with my health, but I call on angels whenever I want to and need to. Sometimes, I just want to feel their presence again. We're only human and life just gets very hard sometimes. Angels are around us and waiting for you to invite them into your life. I have to admit, the angel with the wings was pretty magnificent. After I served myself a good heaping of humble pie, I now recognize angel visits in any form. Those angels know how they need to appear to us mere mortals. May angels bless you with a visit......
By Angela, Saturday, May 10, 2008 03:04:42 PM
My encounters with angels are numerous. My first encounter started very similar to Abby's. I was going to go out with a friend for a drink after work. It was almost time to leave, and I went downstairs to get my lunch from the refridgerator. I remember a strong urge to just head home. But I didn't listen. I went out and had a drink. On the way home, I was driving down the country road when a guy ran a red light and made a left turn right in front of me. I remember closing my eyes and saying Please God, send your angels to protect me and the other driver. I heard a loud smack and sqealing sound as my car was dragged only inches from hitting 2 other cars stopped at the light. My entire front of my car was smashed and the bumper pushed under the car as if someone had tried to stop the car from the front before impact. I remember the police officer saying he never saw anything like that before. The cement where we impacted was buckled so much it almost made a dent in the roadabout 2-3 feet wide. A few days after the accident when I went to get the police report that same officer was on duty and saw me there. He asked me, "Do oyu have any questions about the report?" I told him no and asked why. He responded to me that the other driver keeps calling up and saying all he saw was a bright yellow light before the impact. I now am secure that my angels are with me when I drive. Just today I was stuck in traffic wondering why it wasn't moving. A few miles down the road I passed a car that had hit a deer. I said to myself, "see the angels didn't want that to be you."
By Anuar, Saturday, May 10, 2008 04:14:19 AM
There was this one time when I was sitting in my kitchen talking to my girlfriend on the phone. We somehow got onto the subject of angels when all of a sudden, a tall six-foot man dressed in a brilliantly white robe with a golden rope tied around his waist with piercing blue eyes and slightly curly and wavy jaw length blonde hair appeared right in front of me. I couldn't look away. He just stared at me. All of a sudden, these brilliant white wings started opening behind him. The wing span was unbelievable. Then, he just sort of looked up, rose a little, then vanished. I was completely dumbstruck. The only thing I could say was, "honey, you'll never guess what I just saw." I have been able to see angels ever since. I don't know whether or not it's just me wishing I could see them, or me actually seeing them in my minds eye. But nonetheless, I'm never going to forget that incident in my kitchen.

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