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Our Angels Are Always With Us
Last weekend I took my mother on an errand. We got done with this weekend chore rather quickly and were quite pleased with ourselves. But I got an angelic message that our errands weren't quite done yet!

"We need to stop somewhere else," I said

"Do you need something?" asked my mother

"No, but the angels are telling me to go to a certain store," I said

My mother is used to the angels being a part of our lives. She is used to them guiding us away from traffic jams or helping us with our daily lives. But she'd also had enough shopping for the day and didn't want to stop.

"How long do these angels say this is going to take?" she asked.

I paused for a moment "They are saying maybe ten minutes, not very long. I'll find what they are sending me for right away."

We got back in the car and went to the next store. I did in fact find several things at a great bargain price, perfect for family member birthdays that are coming up.

I don't think the angels are sitting up there, busily searching through bargain circulars looking for places to send me. It is still a very nice way to know that they are looking out for me and my family, and that they always think of us.

You too can shop with the angels. I've been doing it for a long time, so my angels already do it on automatic -- but simply tell your angels what you are looking for and they'll help you find it -- for a great price!

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