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Our Favorite Angel Stories
As you get to know your angels, you start to develop your own set of “favorite” angel stories. Your angel communication becomes stronger and you feel both nurtured and comforted by this communication.

I think one of my favorite stories is my red coat story. I’m still wearing my red coat, and I’ve had it for about eight years now.

It was August, a very hot and humid day and I was just about to take lunch. One of the thoughts in the back of my mind was that for the coming year, I needed to get a new winter coat. Living in the Northeast of the U.S., I dreaded making this purchase, as I knew a good winter coat would cost several hundred dollars. I was hoping I could get something at a Labor Day or Columbus Day sale.

I was leaving the building for lunch and my angels told me, “Your new coat is at the second hand store now!” There was a very nice women’s second hand store near my office. I’d shopped there before and had gotten some great deals. But every item was pre-worn, even though in excellent condition.

I trusted my angels and went to the second hand store. Not a soul in sight. I went to the rack that held coats and then I saw it: my coat! It was exactly in my size and amazingly had all of the tags on it! I put it on and it fit like a glove. The price was even better: only forty dollars. Forty dollars for a brand new, designer coat!

I’ve had many experiences with the angels and I have to admit that I smile every time I put on my winter coat, knowing that my angels’ love will always keep me safe, warm and protected – especially from the New England snow!

What are your favorite angel stories? Share them with us here!

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By Kristine, Monday, August 10, 2009 05:44:29 PM
My angel story is about a terrifying experience that happened to me a long time ago. I was moving out of my apartment and I came back to get the last of my things. After I entered my apartment alone, I was attacked. I was knocked unconscious, hit in the head a few times, and they cut me real bad on my face. When I came to, I noticed that blood was dripping on the floor from my chin. I was in shock, but, I went to the bathroom mirror to look at the injury. It looked really bad. My assailants had cut close to the bone. Thank God I had a friend coming to pick me up and she called at that moment. I told her to hurry and come over cause I had to go to the ER. If it wouldn't have been for my Spirit Guide and my friend, I could've lost a lot more blood. I think it was my Spirit Guide looking out for me, because I could've died. Not just because of the loss of blood, but because my attackers had hit me in the right temple. That is a very dangerous spot to hit someone. I have had two other, "close calls", where I know my Spirit Guide intervened to keep me alive. I know I'm lucky to be here. Thanks for reading. KristineE5150
By Barbara, Thursday, August 06, 2009 05:14:55 PM
I lost my cat Harry three weeks ago. It was the most devastating experience for me. Harry had kidney problems and I had to put him to sleep, since the pills and special food weren't helping my baby boy anymore. It was like he was giving me a sign that he was leaving this earth and going home to the spirit world. I was getting ready to take him to the vet, when I saw him walking towards the bathroom, as I turned the corner, he was sitting in his chair. It was his spirit I saw leaving his body. As I looked to the chair to see him, I saw Harry and he had such a vacant look. He was already gone. I miss him so much and so heart breaking and still is. I felt his presence a few time, especially when I am lying in bed, that's where we hung out alot to watch TV. I feel him walking around me. I also saw his spirit jump on the couch, were I rent a cabin, He came with me there and I saw his spirit. It's the first time I have seen a spirit, which I always wanted to encounter. I was very close to him and he was very close to me. He was a special cat. I believe Harry is my angel watching over me and letting me know he is happy and healthy and in a beautiful place back home on the other side.
By stacey, Friday, February 20, 2009 02:06:10 PM
back in 1987 my mother in law was diagnosed with liver canser. it was terminal. we moved in to her home to take care of her. we lived in a two story house the bedrooms were upstairs. her dyeing wish was to die in her rooom. we excepted her wish. pryer to her passing hospice put her on morphene it caused her to say and do all kinds of things. my husband i and our two kids slept downstairs. i was afraid to go in her room because she would always be somewhere except in her bed and me a tiny build it would be hard for me to git her back up. one night as we were all asleep i awoke which i never do i always sleep all night. i went to the restroom and while i was in there i herd a noise wich sounded like a plate being put in a microwave i thought my husband got up to eat something. so when i got out of the restroom and walked into the kitchen no one was in there every one was still asleep as i was standing by the stair way i had a over whelming feeling to go upstairs. so i did and when i got to her door i asked god to let her head be on her pillow it would be the first thing i would see when we would open the door. so when i opend the door and walked in she was not on her pillow i opend the door more and i saw that she had sat up in her hospital bed indian style and fell backwards. i guess as she tried to get back up her arms had braded in the bed rails . so i walked around the bed to pick her back up and when i did i had a verry cold chill that went threw my body it was not normal and it scared me i got her up quickly layed her back down covered her up and kissed her then quickley ran back down the stairs i jumped into bed and covered my head. after a fuew minuets poassed i said god if that was a angel thanking me i should not be scared but i was the next day she passed away. myrna you will forever be missed god bless you..
By Shirley, Friday, February 06, 2009 07:21:11 PM
One day while driving my oldest daughter home in a small car,another daughter & baby grandson were also in car. the car ahead stopped without warning & to keep from hitting the car I swerved to the left to try to pass & lost control ,the car was on the 2 left wheels the right wheels in the air off the road & headed toward an open field .I yelled JESUS ! Something took the wheel out of my hands & straitened up the car & put it on all 4 wheels. The daughter in back seat got thrown into the front {Small knot on her forehead,Baby in the floor{BEFORE SEATBELTS}I know it was my Angel.Oldest daughter said "I'd NEVER believe this if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."Thank you Angels!
By Darlene, Wednesday, January 28, 2009 09:59:50 PM
I have two doggies and my stories are both about them. I have a little pomeranian/rat terrier named Lucy. My husband of only 52 years old passed away on August 28, 2007. For almost a year Lucy provided me with so much comanionship. On July 26, 2008 a little black daschund with little brown markings walks up my driveway while I was in the garage standing behind my husband's truck. I didn't think I could keep him even if I couldn't find where he came from, but he kept looking at me like "Well Mom, I'm home!" After posting fliers everywhere and asking neighbors all around, no one ever called me saying they had lost this little sweetie. He (I named him Frankie) has become such a wonderful friend to Lucy and me. Now the three of us are inseparable. Later last summer, Lucy escaped out of the house & ran someplace in the neighborhood. Before I could start to go look for her, I heard someone walking toward me (again in my driveway) and he has Lucy in his arms. This young man had the kindest big blue eyes like my husband had, and he asked me, "Does she belong to you?" I said "YES! Lucy's mine! Thank you! He walked away, and I've never seen him in the neighborhood since then. I truly believe that Frankie is a gift from heaven, and also that young man who brought Lucy back home was an angel.
By SHARON, Tuesday, January 13, 2009 05:47:33 PM
i too was; and at my own hand. i flatlined three times; once before the ambulance goot to me, again in the ambulance, and lastly at the hospital. they called my family to say good bye; i was out!! then came in a nurse; her name she said was carol. she told me i would be fine and that God had plans for me and for my life; that my children needed me and i would be thone true parent!! finally upon release from the Hospital, i wanted to thank that nurse Carol; there was noone whom fitted her discription nor name in the E.R. i suddenly know that God had sent her to me to make a promise to God;never harm myself again!! so far, so good; i was soon baptized and i have given my life to him!!!!
By donna, Thursday, October 16, 2008 08:28:56 PM
I have personally not "seen" an angel but was witness to a sighting per say. My mother was dying, and my brother and i were in the room with her. He and i were standing side by side but with room in between us. Our mother turned to us and said isnt she beautiful. We asked her who she was talkng about and she said the lady standing between the both of you. She has long brown hair. That was about the extent of her description but we both knew that at that moment, there was an angel there waiting to escort our mother to heaven. That has given us peace to know that when she left us, she was not alone, she had her angel, and her father, who was there in spirit to guide her home.
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