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Send Your Child An Angel
We have talked about sending angels to people that you love when you feel that they could use some extra love and support. This is a beautiful and gentle way to assist anyone in your life and anyone can send angels. Another wonderful angel sending technique is to send them to your children as they start their day.

To send an angel to your child simply visualize your child in your mind, or you can do this as you hold their hand for a moment. Envision an angel standing behind them and ask that angel to be with them during the day. See your child and the angel surrounded with white and gold light in a circle. That's it!

This is a very easy technique to give your child a little extra angelic support. You can even do this the night before and ask the angel to be with your child during the day. This is perfect to do everyday -- you can even ask for additional angels if your child is going to face an exam or other challenge at school that day.

So send an angel to your child today!

Did you try sending angels to your child? How was their day that day? Did they notice any difference?

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By Aries, Sunday, August 03, 2008 05:08:51 PM
Well, I think they have free will, but at the same time, are part of the deity that created them.
By Melvin, Tuesday, July 29, 2008 02:06:58 AM
Traditions vary as to whether angels have free will or are merely extensions of the supreme being's will. While the appearance of angels also varies, many views of angels give them a human shape. In the Middle Ages, some Jews presented a rationalist view of angels that is accepted by many Jews
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