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The Angels In Our Lives At Just The Right Moment

Have you ever been there for someone at just the right time? Perhaps they got good news -- they found out they were expecting a baby or they announced an engagement. Or maybe you were they to offer comfort and support at a challenging moment. The angels send us, earth angels, to be with our loved ones at just the right moment. We are fortunate that our angels -- and our earth angels are with us at all times.

Perhaps there was a moment you were someone's earth angel this week. You were there for them when they received news that affected their life. Think of how important you were for that person. Your presence, your love and your support really made a difference for your loved one as they received both the good news or the bad. Having you in their lives makes them feel comforted and surrounded by the angels' wings right here on earth.

So if it feels like the angels are sending you to be with someone that needs you -- quite often this is the case. Our angels know when someone needs an earth angel just as much as they need an angel from the Divine. You have the ability to be an earth angel to anyone in need. Just listening and being a good friend can be so important to someone that needs you. Be an earth angel today!

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By Rosalva, Tuesday, February 03, 2009 10:12:00 PM
I believe in earth angels because at times one was sent to me and I was sent to someone else in their time of need. I believe we reep what we live and how we live so live well. I my boyfriend and a man named Roger all became a young girls earth angels. On June 21-2005 in the evening not quite dark we were on our way to Rio Hondo College in Whittier CA. to go running. In a second a horrible traffic accident occurred where one car had flipped over landed on its top and slid to the corner where it laid to rest. We stopped my boyfriend checking on 1 driver while i checked on the one on the corner. I saw a young girl having a seizure as she hung from her seat belt upside down. A man came who was a off duty fire fighter named Roger my boyfriend and i were volunteers at a local fire department and EMT's as well.The girl with the overturned car was trapped by her seat belt when I noticed the car caught on fire. My boyfriend Got fire extinguishers from a fed ex truck driver and we suddenly all became a team to save this young girl. Roger was given all the fire extinguishers to slow down or hopfully turn the fire off. The fire grew and I decided to crawl in the rear window with my boyfriend at the side window to get the girl out. I was given a knife to cut the seat belt but it was sooo tight and I could not get my hand in to make the cut and free the girl. Smoke was filling the car and we asked God to please help us get her out. Then it happened my hand slipped in and we cut her down. The girl was unconcious the whole time. We pulled and pulled until we got her out and carried her to safety. When we layed her down we were sadden as her lifeless body was gentlely placed on the ground. She was gone you see no pulse not breathing eyes fixed and dialated.... We knew we did not just crawl into a burning car for this to happen and I also knew she could here us so we talked to her as we prepared to start CPR seconds passed it seemed like years and when we were ready to start as I was looking at her she took a deep breath at the same time her eyes constricted then she started swinging as I think mabey she still thought she was trapped in a burning car upside down. She fought for alittle while and passed out then did it a few more times until fire and paramedics finaly came. Believe me time moves soooo slow when your trying to help someone. We all have a chance every day to be someones angel a smile or kind word is all it takes. Be someones angel today you wont regret it. I promise
By Tina, Friday, October 24, 2008 08:51:14 AM
Hi Sylvia, I have had quite a few expericences in my life, both with Angels and Spirit. This is one of them. A few years ago, I was going through a very bad time personally.(Not that today is any different!)One night,as I was praying and crying myself to sleep, I felt someone hug me tightly and whisper in my ear,"Don't worry, I'll never leave you", and then kiss me on my cheek. It was so comforting and beautiful,I fell right to sleep. At that point in my life, I was used to hearing whispers, so it doesn't scare me. I'm just sad it's been a few yrs since I've heard them. Can you tell me who it was and what I have to do to hear them again? Tina P.
By Cora, Monday, October 20, 2008 09:50:57 AM
Syvia, back in August I was home by myself when I had a diabetic attack and blanked out on the flood, and could not move, I needed something sweet to get my blood sugar back up. I know that my guardian angels were there with me because I had some candy in my pockbook and I could not get to it, the next thing I could feel everything in my pockbook falling out on the flood and the candy was at my finger and I could see two angels by my side helping me. Syvia can you tell me their name. Cora
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