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When Talking to Your Angels Doesn’t Work


People who hear that I talk to angels sometimes wonder how it works. Quite frankly—I’m not an angel, so I can’t totally understand how it works myself. I just know that it does work. But sometimes it seems that when you talk to your angels—it doesn’t work.


You don’t get what you want: Just like that popular Rolling Stones song “You don’t always get what you want.” Sometimes it seems that you ask your angels for help finding a new car, job, house or a relationship—and no answer seems to come. This can be very frustrating. It can make you wonder if this really can work.


But if you look more deeply at the response you are getting—sometimes there is an actual response in the non-response. Maybe the angels are encouraging you to carpool with a co-worker for awhile. That co-worker could have a brother that owns a car dealership that could get you a really sweet deal on a car. Sometimes the angel messages are not delivered in a neat, tidy package. If you are getting a message that isn’t really the answer you would like—like with the question, “I want a new car,” and the answer, “Carpool with your co-worker,” consider asking some more questions to your angels. See if they can give you some more information!

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By maylin, Wednesday, June 18, 2008 02:56:32 AM
I agree Melvin. Some things are not given to us for us to realize a lot of things. Sometimes we might think that they are not listening to us. But why think that way? Let us always think of the good and positive way. That maybe some things are not just meant for us.
By Marineswife, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 05:41:05 PM
That is very true, sometimes things come to us and we don't even know the reason. Or there is a reason why we didn't get what we wanted because the angels and god have a different plan for us.
By Melvin, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 10:10:05 AM
I think it works the same way as how God listens to us. Sometimes we can't just ask for things that are trivial. I believe angels want us to learn and realize things more so they don't always listen to us.
By maylin, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 12:54:47 AM
yeah, sometimes i really don't know if my angels are listening. but i believe they are. it is true that we can't always get what we want but we can always get what we need. wants and needs are very different. and i think that we only get what we deserve.
By Crystal, Monday, June 09, 2008 08:34:20 AM
WEll, that may be so. I guess in many ways it can shatter a persons faith, especially if their faith isnt' grounded very deep yet. It is something we have to choose. I have learned that what I feel in the moment is not truth. Our fleeting feelings can give us all kinds of trouble. It's what I know and really believe in my heart that counts. Sometimes, I may feel temporarily like no one hears me but I KNOW that God does. It doesnt' affect my faith because I understand that that particular feeling is fleeting. So my faith gives me a firm ledge to stand on instead of allowing me to fall.
By Aries, Sunday, June 08, 2008 01:46:15 PM
Feeling that nobody is listening is one thing that can completely shatter someones faith. I'm not the religious type, but if I felt that God was ignoring me while some rotten scumbag leads a happy and sin-filled life without any karma, I'd probably renounce my faith.
By Janice, Sunday, June 08, 2008 09:42:33 AM
yeah Crystal i agree with you. sometimes when i can not have what i want and need, i just say to myself that maybe it is not yet for me or God knows i am not yet ready for it. like what they say, just follow God's will and you will be in goo hands. so maybe if it is not yet our time to have what we need and want, it won't be given to us.
By Crystal, Friday, June 06, 2008 10:57:05 AM
And you know, sometimes it isn't that God doesnt' want us to have something, but it may just not be the right time for us. Maybe we need to mature or learn something s first. I know that there are things that just aren't meant for everyone but sometimes it is in the timing too. We have to really be ready for what we ask for, adn sometimes we think we are, but really aren't yet.
By Janice, Friday, June 06, 2008 03:18:25 AM
Praying and asking for what you want and need are not that easy. even if you keep on asking something you want, it won't be given to you if you do not deserve it or if you really do not need it.
By Janice, Friday, June 06, 2008 02:41:04 AM
for me, i agree with this article. you do not get what you want but you will get what you need. asking something which is not given to you only means that it is not what you really need. i really believe on that. because sometimes even if you really want to have something, it won't be given to you and it is because you don't need it.

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