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When The Angel Answer Is "No"
Many of us that talk to our angels get excited about learning to communicate with our angels. It is quite exciting, the idea that these magnificent beings are available to us and will talk to us at any time.

But one of the challenges with angel communication can be when the answer comes back as "no", or something you were not hoping for. It can be disappointing and frustrating. How do you handle this, when the angels say "no"?

Trust that the angels always have your best interests at heart. Sometimes a "no" means a "not yet" or a "not now" is doesn't necessarily mean a "never" type of answer. Consider asking your angels for more information if they give you a "no" answer. Perhaps they can explain a bit more in detail why they are saying "no."

Learning to develop angel communication is a beautiful relationship. Our angels act with our best interests and will answer questions that we ask with these interests in mind. Know that when you receive an answer it is only there to help you.

How have you felt when in angel communication the answer has been "no"?

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By Anne, Thursday, May 21, 2009 12:06:08 AM
So STOP trying to tell the Divine how things "should be". Give in and "allow" how things are to work. It always comes out for the best. Have we forgotten the admonition "thy will be done". My mantra/prayer for years has been "lead me, feed me, guide me and guard me." Has served me well for over 75 years.
By sandy, Wednesday, May 20, 2009 03:07:46 PM
I believe that all angels are available to us but that their vibration is very much higher than ours. Sometimes they will appear, sometimes you'll hear them and you think it is yourself talking in your head. You can test that by asking them a question and if the answer isn't in the vocabulary you would use, then its usually them speaking.Sometimes they appear as a person, and in the least likely way, they get your attention.They are always aware of you calling them and they always come, put away your fear of how and just "know" that it is so.There is never a question of you deserving them, that is their job, and they are honored to serve mankind. Sometimes our own voices are to loud to hear them, rest and breathe, and they will answer.
By Helen, Wednesday, May 20, 2009 12:28:31 PM
I have tried and tried since 2004 then even more in 2007 when my mother and father died. I tried to ask the angels why they took them both from me. I needed them and still do. I have tried to talk to my angels praying to both Mother God and Father God, but still no response. I listen, I watch , but I am stuck in the balck cloud I have been for years. I pray , I spend my life doing for others with no expectations of anything in return yet , I try to speak to my angels for help with my new job and confidence eyt they must not hear me or for some reason I dont deserve an angel. ??? I have had a very rough and tough life always struggling with everything. I would love to be married again and I would love to become great at my job and climb up the later at work . I even at work take care of the sick in the hospital. see I always am heloing others it feeds my soul and makes me feel good. But in my heart I am alone !
By Mary, Tuesday, October 14, 2008 05:01:34 PM
When I died during a robbery attack I chose not to "go in" past an invisible barrier. When I returned to my body, a HUGE angel was hovering over me and I was the size of a 2 year old. He told me his name was Cannon and to be still. I was being beat with a lug wrench on the neck and head 20-25 times. A fear went over the other man and the blows stopped. Cannon blew on me to warm me up and helped me up and carried me to the phone after the two men left. I can still remember the size of his hands as he held me up. They were the width of my rib cage. Another angel appeared in the back seat of a patrol car and told the officers that I was in danger and I needed help. So, angels do talk to us, just not about trivial things. Question is, are you listening or are you consumed with troubles that cloud the mind?
By Candi, Monday, September 15, 2008 03:49:37 PM
hmm, where did my dialogue go on my previous post?? Start over!! Well after reading a little about this subject I decided to start studying more. Givin the fact that the are no coincidences it will be exciting to see what transpires!!!...Plus where Im at in my life right now I know its where I need to learn... KEVIN Makes a good point in that hearing a "no" is great...its the "hearing" it thats great,not the "no" answer you get. So, I guess an important question here is: How do we hear/see angels? If we except that they are with us an can help us then how do we see an hear??? Im guessing probly umteen ghaaaadzillion ways???? If we are all different then they might be communicating to us directly,indivually, differently, and use what we have around us in our lives. ok guys help me out here!!! ya kinda see what I mean?? Im gonna keep reading
By Candi, Monday, September 15, 2008 03:25:41 PM
By Tracey, Monday, September 01, 2008 08:13:34 PM
wonderful article and so true:)
By kevin, Monday, September 01, 2008 01:09:15 PM
i would be happy to hear a no from my angels. that would mean i heard them. to this point i guess no answer at all could be just as much a test to see how long i will keep trying to talk to them with no answers at all. or is it just me?
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