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Why I Don’t Worship Angels


Some people that hear that I talk to angels look a little uncomfortable. They think that I “worship” angels in some way; that I must consider angels a religion. But that is untrue.


Angels can be religious and they are found in many of the world’s religions. Christianity, Judiasm, Hinduism, Zoastrianism and the Muslims all have angels. Some who are quite passionate about the study of angels call this study angelogy. That is simply “the study of angels.” But it is not the worship of angels.


The definition of “angel” is simply to be God’s messenger. I like this definition a lot because I think it also explains our relationship with angels quite well. They are messengers of God. So we do not see them as the Divine, but as messengers of the Divine.


This is not a religious forum and I personally respect all religions. It does concern me a bit when people hear that I talk to angels and they think in some way that I am worshiping the angels—because this is very much not the case.


What about you—do you consider yourself an angelogist? What do you think an angel’s role or duties are?

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By Sue, Tuesday, May 27, 2008 11:07:48 AM
Do i beleive in angels...? yes, since i was 8 yrs old and i was ran over by a car, i slid into the street from a deep driveway- but i didn't feel a thing.. i slid out from under neath it and stood up.. a little shaken and went home.. the driver followed me home and asked my mom if a little girl came in here.. and explained what had happened.. she took me to the doctors, everyting was fine except a small bruise on mine spine.. which stayed their for years.. but healed eventually... I'v had my guide litterally yell in my ear.. when my son was first born, he had stopped breathing two times before i got him in Childrens Hospital.. they wanted to do a spinal tap to check for MS.. at 3 wks old!! I will never forget his/her voice "don't do it" 2x's..!! i heard the msg loud and clear..and my son is now 21 yrs old healthy.. Do I believe...? you have no idea..:)
By alpha, Monday, May 26, 2008 04:38:30 PM
I don't think you need to worship angels in order to believe in them. So you can listen for them, take their advice or help when it comes to you, and use it as best you can. But that doesn't mean you worship them. You wouldn't say you worship a human advisor when you follow his advice, and I think the same logic applies to angels.
By Lavern, Sunday, May 25, 2008 09:30:41 AM
I think each one of us has a heart of an angel. Well I’ve experience the time when my mom was hospitalized. Those people I wasn’t expecting to visit her came and gave us moral support. Sometimes we just have to think for a moment that angels are heaven sent by God disguised in people with pure intentions to help other people.
By Sophie, Monday, May 19, 2008 02:52:36 PM
Has Sylvia written any of you back at all? Has she responded to you? Let me know, I have not heard from Sylvia, I see all of your questions and concerns but no responses? WHAT IS THE DEAL?
By Xiflada, Sunday, May 18, 2008 03:37:58 PM
So is it safe to say that just because we don't worship these angels it doesn't mean we don't believe in them. Is it ok not to be obssesed with angels and still feel that they will still look out for us?
By Sophie, Wednesday, May 14, 2008 09:47:06 AM
I did not believe in angels until I got into a serious car accident and I felt like my Grandmother was there. I honestly felt like she helped me live through that and I felt an overall sense that she was keeping me safe. I am not sure if it is juts luck that I lived or because her intervention. I guess I will never truly know.
By Jennifer, Tuesday, May 13, 2008 01:23:58 PM
I believe angels are pure messengers from God. They are very much a part of our daily lives,especially in times when we need them most. I believe an angel of mine or my spirit guide Daniel saved my life probably more than I know but one time I know for a fact. I was being severly abused mentally, spiritually,and physically. Long story short as I was going down a flight of stairs and in my head someone said plain as day so loud in fact that I turned around to see if it was my abuser. They said "GET OUT NOW" I thought back but how? Then they said "GET OUT OR DIE" Scared and confused I went out through the door onto the sidewalk and a block awaywhere the police dealing with someone else. I ran so hard and fast and never looked back. I believe that was arranged so I could escape or else I would of been beaten to death that night. So angels are there to protect you. I've had a few remarkable experiences in my life with them and Daniel. But I know that also that they are sent from God to help you and keep you safe when nothing else can.I just feel safe knowing that the are there as many are protecting you until you retuern home. So THANK YOU to all those beautiful angels,spiritguides,loved ones and most of all God and Jesus for never leaving our sides whether we appreciate or acknowledge them or not!!
By alpha, Sunday, May 11, 2008 03:13:21 PM
I think it's interesting how many people believe in angels as being protectors or some kind of guide to how we're supposed to live, but don't necessarily think they come for God. I suppose it varies depending on the picture you have in your mind for God and whether that represents love and help to you. It's encouraging to me to hear about the different feelings people have about angels.
By Gay, Friday, May 09, 2008 05:39:10 PM
I truly believe Angels are God's messengers. I don't worship them but I respect them and have statues andpictures of them all over my house. My friends and family know that an angel is always a welcome gift. They have helped me many times sometimes I have asked but often they were just there and prevented something from happening that could have been disasterous. Some people would say that is just fate you weren't meant to go at that time and yes that may be true but it was the intervention of God's messengers that created a way out of a drastic situation. I have never been able to see my angels or I don't think I did but have often heard voices - like listening to a radio in another room and often saw multicoloured flashing lights just before going to bed. The other night tho I saw an angel sitting at the foot of my bed with a comical expression on his/her face and smiling I feel a lot more relaxed about the decisions I made that day they don;t seem logical but I think they will work out with a little more guidance.
By Xiflada, Thursday, May 08, 2008 12:09:14 PM
I think an angel can come into your life in many ways and forms. I don't necessairly believe angels were sent by God either. I think we have angels to protect us and to guide us and they can be anything and anywhere.

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