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Dream Interpretation

Our dreams reveal so much about us. Dreams can provide an insight into our innermost thoughts and help us better understand our true self. By using the Dreams Dictionary every morning, we can interpret what our previous night's dreams mean and use that knowledge to help us prepare for the day ahead.

One of my favorite dreams is when I dream about my Grandmother's rose garden. She died about ten years ago, and I miss her every day. My Grandmother was one of those gardeners who could grow roses so easily. Her entire backyard was surrounded by bright pink and red roses! For a little girl, it was a magical place.

In my dreams, I'll often go to this rose garden and I'll see my Grandmother once more. We'll sit in the rose garden and just talk. I can smell the roses all around us. My Grandmother had a brick red picnic table in the backyard and as a little girl I would eat my lunch outside every time I possibly could. In these dreams, we are always sitting at that very picnic table. I always wake up from these dreams so happy, to have made this connection with my Grandmother during the dream state. I was not surprised to look up "roses" in the Dreams Dictionary and discover that they are a sign of love in your life.  

Whenever I think of my Grandmother, I feel more loved. What are the meaningful dreams that you remember? Have you looked at your recent dream symbols in the Dreams Dictionary? What do they mean?

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By christina, Friday, January 16, 2009 12:21:11 PM
i had a strange dream and can't figure it out. i was back at high school and it was night. i all fo a sudden turned into a warewolf and then the people who were not warewolves wanted to kill me because i wasn't the kind of creature that they turned into. but there were other people who were secretly warewolves and tried to help me out and i got away.
By Kristi, Thursday, January 15, 2009 05:06:05 PM
I have a repeated dream of my ex!We are together again with my two kids and we are talking to my mother who passed a year ago.She is dead ,but we can still talk to her andwe are telling her we are back together and happy.Cant figure out what it means!
By Kristi, Thursday, January 15, 2009 05:02:52 PM
I have a re
By Jody, Wednesday, January 07, 2009 03:20:15 PM
My husband has a recurring dream where he is flying and usually it seems to only last a few seconds. Last night he had one of those cool dreams and he said it felt like it lasted for hours, he had said he didn't want to come back, so he tries to sleep more to get that feeling. I want that feeling.
By sheila, Tuesday, December 23, 2008 05:41:19 PM
A hunting springer brown and white spotted pointer dog in the bottom of a pond(alive and pointing) , I see him through the clear pond water at the top of the pond.That is end of this dream.The beginnig of this dream There is a Ring in this dream.The woman that has passed.I Know her husband today (also,it was his pond)I save this family multi stone,Jade,ox,and ten other natural stone in large band,from many sources of peoples.Buy hidding this ring.Then the pond.......... Iask for amessage in my dreams ,before I slept.........Got this dream,go figure?????????????
By Meagan, Wednesday, November 19, 2008 06:49:26 PM
I had a dream that I was driving on this cliff and it was very slanted. And while I was on a turn my car fell off the side and landed on the hood and then flipped back on the wheels. I wasn't hurt and neither was the car. When I got out there were 3 people sitting around a fire just talking about it and as I walked further towards them I came into my mother's house and told her what happened but she didn't seem worried at all. What could this dream mean?
By christine, Tuesday, November 04, 2008 08:33:51 AM
Help! I need help interpating my dream. My brother and his son recently passed. His ex is spreeding so many differant roomers. No one knows if he had a will and she is telling people all differant dates as to when she is going to my brothers house and we don't want her going there. My parents are so sick with worry about what my brother wanted. I cried all day yesterday and begged him last night before I went to sleep to come to me in my dreams and tell me if he has a will and is my dream. One minute I was working and then the next I was at a house that I was pressumning it was mine, as I finished I found alot of money and I decieded to pay the bills with it. I drove to what I was assuming was the bank, but it was differant. I was in a long line up waiting but as I got in further I could see my sister, mother and father standing at the front of the line. I got out of line and went up with them. As it was our turn next we got up to the table and Dad started to introduce me to the man as one of his old friends. I looked away for a moment and when I looked back we were half way up the line again only this time the people in front were getting angree with this guy. He got up to go get help when one of the men hit him and I noticed a five dollar bill all folded up on the floor and I quickly bent to pick it up. Next it was my turn to go up to do banking. I got out all this money and took out a credit card to pay 50$ only . then there was some one there that I felt that I new but she was poaking at me and I got very angree at her and started to yell and as I did my false teeth fell out onto a chair and then to the floor and broke. I bent to pick them up and put them back into my mouth (2 pieces) but couldn't look towards anyone only the one I was trying to give the money and credit card to but the credit card was gone and I woke. Is this my brother telling me that his will is in that house and that I need to focus on that and not be distracted by any of her and her family? and if I don't we are going to loose everything???? Help we are running out of time, We are also waiting for word back on why they both died. within three weeks of each other.
By angelia, Saturday, November 01, 2008 08:57:11 AM
I never dream, or at least dont remember my dreams. Last dream was over two years ago. This morning I woke up thinking my dream was really happening. I had been to visit my mother, gone thru christmas decorations. My daughter with with me, we left but turned around because we had left our cloths there. On return someone else female was with us. As we went thru a box of more christmas decorations a very large plane was heard overhead. We looked out the window as it crashed. We say it land on the road. First idea was I am not going to get back home to work. We went out to help if we could , but for fear got in the car. People got out of the plane with guns. I remember the fear of covering up in the car, keeping my daughter who is grown quiet. the act of letting windows up and locking the doors, as we heard the men try to open car after car. Somehow the car was at the airport now. I woke up seeing the tail end of the plane falling. since i never dream this is strange to me. It was like my mother was not there, maybe even passed. Think that it was my sister with us. Moved very slow in the dream.
By Denise, Thursday, October 30, 2008 03:51:49 PM
I have a reoccuring dream of my husband and I in a long sealed metal container, with only enough room to lie in, being put in to a body of water? What could be the significance?
By Melissa, Thursday, October 30, 2008 10:28:40 AM
I always dream of flying. Sometimes as a bird, but mostly just as I am. Sometimes I am being chased by bad people and to get away, I fly. Sometimes...I'm just playing around in the woods and I fly. Once, I dreamed I had wings like an angel.

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