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Dream Interpretation

Our dreams reveal so much about us. Dreams can provide an insight into our innermost thoughts and help us better understand our true self. By using the Dreams Dictionary every morning, we can interpret what our previous night's dreams mean and use that knowledge to help us prepare for the day ahead.

One of my favorite dreams is when I dream about my Grandmother's rose garden. She died about ten years ago, and I miss her every day. My Grandmother was one of those gardeners who could grow roses so easily. Her entire backyard was surrounded by bright pink and red roses! For a little girl, it was a magical place.

In my dreams, I'll often go to this rose garden and I'll see my Grandmother once more. We'll sit in the rose garden and just talk. I can smell the roses all around us. My Grandmother had a brick red picnic table in the backyard and as a little girl I would eat my lunch outside every time I possibly could. In these dreams, we are always sitting at that very picnic table. I always wake up from these dreams so happy, to have made this connection with my Grandmother during the dream state. I was not surprised to look up "roses" in the Dreams Dictionary and discover that they are a sign of love in your life.  

Whenever I think of my Grandmother, I feel more loved. What are the meaningful dreams that you remember? Have you looked at your recent dream symbols in the Dreams Dictionary? What do they mean?

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By sheila, Thursday, October 30, 2008 02:12:46 AM
Right hand,larger pad below the tumb.I'm looking at it in my dream.Than it pad split open,first like a knife cut and open up.A baby bird come out,lying there ,beak open,life breath upon it,small blue feather begin as if to dry and move with lite air movement,from my right side .... Than a small tiny,tiny hand come out below the bird, a very tiny hand,palm up finger spread wide.Than mode of my dream switch. Cann't seem to get the meaning of this
By remy, Monday, October 27, 2008 10:59:24 PM
hey Judy, when i read this, it makes me think that it was a past life dream!
By Diane, Saturday, October 25, 2008 09:09:23 AM
The dream dictionary does not always have a letter for the main part of your dream, a good example is my dream I dreamt there was a Tarantula spider crawling over my passenger car door up over my roof and around the car. I was the passenger, I even had to open the driving car to get the Tarantula out to the outside of the car. What does all that mean?
By judy, Saturday, October 25, 2008 02:18:11 AM
I have read a few of Sylvia's books now...loved them all! However...on this site as well as several others..and other books...most often I can not find the object of the dream I am looking for... I had a dream a while back that I found a book and picked it up..reconizing it as my own book.. It was a soft back book with a yellow cover..and a star on the cover... What does that mean...after I found the book I was sitting in a shallow pool of wate to rest..and could feel the water seep through my tenis shoes and wet my feet...Theres mor but I dont want to bore you...
By Sue, Friday, October 24, 2008 05:15:02 AM
Dreams are an entry into our unconscious mind and soul so that in waking life when we are troubles the doors open up from heaven above and deliver the anwers deep within our minds and souls so that in waking life we find solutions ro each and every problem and dreams are a door that opens up the beyond to recieve messages from above so that in waking life we interpret for ourselves for the betterment and guidance for our live's and in return the good Lord grants up all that we need and require in our physical life so that when our work in done on earth we end up going into the hands of God pure in mind, body, spirit and soul! Thank you all for reading this and listening to what I have to day for dreams are a door to heaven in our unconsicous mind to deliver our dreams and turn them into reality in this waking and physical world! God Bless you all! Your angel of love and abundance SUE

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