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Astral Travel and The World of Dreams
by Sylvia Browne

We now know that while we sleep, there's no limit to what we can learn about ourselves, our world, and even the future, no limit to where we can travel, from the far reaches of the universe to the intimate closeness of The Other Side. But my own experiences and the sheer volume of "dream" letters I received convince me that there are few things we cherish more than the reunions we're blessed with in those lovely hours when our conscious minds are resting. Our spirits, alive and thriving in our subconscious minds, are set free to touch those other spirits, other places and other times they're yearning for. Skeptics call it wishful thinking. My soul knows better, and so does yours. That's not to say that every dream about a deceased loved one is an astral visit and nothing more, but I'll share with you the difference.

Many of you wake up with memories of time spent with people you've lost whom you miss terribly. Many others of you don't. Please believe me when I tell you that the difference isn't in the existence of those reunions -- it's only in the ability to remember them. There's no question that we're at our most accessible for spirit visits while we're asleep. And we all pay and receive those visits, every single one of us, many times a week. So if you're one of those people who wake up unaware that some loving spirit was with you as you slept, don't feel left out. Instead, just let it help fill in some blanks for you and explain why there are certain mornings when you open your eyes and feel a little more loved and at peace than usual for what seems to be no reason at all.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Victoria, Friday, October 03, 2008 11:17:50 PM
Ugh, I wish I would learn to read before I post. Sometimes when you are so interested in the topic, you are so excited, proofreading and proper grammar go out the proverbial window. I wanted to write, my grandfather told me that his aunt told him I was okay(in my dream visit). I wish for everyone who is missing a loved one comfort and peace. And I wish that they receive a visit they can remember because it does bring a feeling of tranquility. God bless.
By Victoria, Friday, October 03, 2008 11:12:15 PM
Oh, that was beautiful, especially the last sentence. I have had a couple of visits that I'm aware of, but not enough as I would like. But I keep positive, hopeful, and pray. The last visit I believe I have was from my grandfather. He was a wise and insightful man and I'm living in the house he lived in for many years and I believed passed in. He came in and we met in the living room. He hugged me and I felt love and peace. He told me that his aunt told me I was okay. I told him I was okay. And then he asked how my mom was(his daughter) and I think I said something like alright(my mom has many health problems) and then he proceeded to climb the stairs to see her(my mom and I sleep upstairs. It was a nice, comforting dream. I would like to have a visit I remember from my dad though. He passed in 2002 from lung cancer and my whole family and I miss him terribly. I have had dreams with him in them, but I think I am trying to come to terms with everything with these dreams and they are not visits. My brother had a dream which I think was a visit soon after he passed. I think he needed it. Sometimes I think they visit the people who they think really need it because they are having a hard time and I think you have to be open to it to remember and think it was a visit. Please dad, visit me where I remember! I miss and love you!

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