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Can The Full Moon Affect You?
by Carla M. Blaha

The moon can evoke thoughts of werewolves, vampires, wizards, and madness. It can light up the roadside and possibly cause people to fall in love. But, can it cause madness?

In 18th century England it was thought that it did. If a person committed a murder during the full moon he was able to plead Lunacy which is derived from the word lunar.

There have been countless studies on the effects of the moon on human behavior.  Many studies show that it does affect human behavior. The theory behind the moon effecting behavior is the gravitational pull.  We know the moon affects the tides. The human body is between 70%-80% water. It would stand to reason that if the moon can affect the tides than it might just be able to affect a human, a much smaller body of water.

There are those who feel strongly that the moon bares no effect on people what so ever. However, those that do feel it can affect behavior have seen it firsthand. Often you will hear from hospital employees that births increase on the full moon and psychiatric wards tend to be more active. Prison guards often claim that they can expect trouble on a full moon and police officers often claim more activity on the full moon. 

When the moon waxes it is getting bigger and when the moon wanes it is getting smaller. Farmers use the moon cycle to plant their crops.  Certain crops fare better depending on when they are planted.

Chart the moon cycle for one month, take note of how you are feeling during waxing and waning. You might find you are more agitated on a full moon, even if it is only once in a blue moon.

Carla Blaha is a spiritual writer who is an intuitive and Reiki Healer. She has studied and practiced Metaphysics for many years.

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By elissa, Friday, August 13, 2010 08:29:34 AM
I also agree...the children in my classroom and my own children behave differently during a full moon. I can usually tell by their behavior when it's coming...
By Seb, Thursday, August 12, 2010 08:22:56 PM
Very true. I believe the moon has an affect on human beings just as stated.
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