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Geminis & Relationships
by Sylvia Browne

I think one way to describe the Gemini is that they really scatter their love around. The Gemini is a social sign, so it would make sense that this sign would have a bit of trouble settling down to just one or even a few relationships. At times, the Gemini folks are fickle. But do keep in mind that they will love you as much as they can with their whole heart. The Gemini is good at loving their child, parents, family members, friends and others in their lives equally.

Geminis are fun folks and they want you to have fun when you are around them. This is a very exuberant sign and you could really say that nothing seems to bother them. They can be quite positive, light-hearted and carefree. These are all very appealing characteristics any of us would want in a friend, lover or just about anyone else in our life. Who needs someone who is always down in the dumps? Bring on the Geminis who know how to create a party out of nothing but a box of crackers and a couple of soda cans.

Now I'll let you in on the secret to success for marriage with a Gemini: you'll do well married to a Gemini only if you understand that they are going to flit from flower to flower. Don't worry—they are not going to run from romance to romance as a married person. More like they will be likely at one moment to say, "I want to take up salsa dancing," and then two days later will say, "I want to take up pottery." The Gemini takes up new interests and before you know it, they tire of them and move on.

Enjoy those wonderful Geminis in your life! They are fun folks who always know how to make you smile!

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By maylin, Monday, June 23, 2008 12:21:44 AM
Hi green and silver. well, this article does not mean that everything about a gemini is true. like what i have said earlier, people who are a gemini have different qualities and personalities. and of course, there are some here that does not really fit in to all geminis.
By Melvin, Monday, June 23, 2008 12:08:03 AM
Silver, most of my friends are artsy too. They tend to change things that they do very frequent. I can say it's not just for Gemini but also for others. It's really hard to focus on certain things for a long time. I don't think guys are good in handling long term relationships either
By Silver, Sunday, June 22, 2008 12:18:00 AM
I don't think that I fit in too well with the 'fun' energies of the Gemini too well, but I really do enjoy doing different things. I'm an artsy person. I started out loving art, then changed to writing, music video-making, singing, dancing, website designing, all sorts of little hobbies. I often end up switching them around too, just to keep myself entertained. Relationship-wise, I don't think I'd be the type to get bored with my mate, whoever they might be. I AM picky though. No guy has seemed good enough to actually continue a relationship with so far. But that's just my point of view!
By Melvin, Friday, June 20, 2008 09:02:47 AM
Hello Green, I think maintaining a long term relationship is really a hrad task nowadays, not only with Geminis but also with others. It seems that the earth is full of temptations that would ruin everything that is good. I would pray for your God to give you grace to have a fruitful relationship with others. ;-)
By Green, Thursday, June 19, 2008 09:50:06 AM
You couldn't have described me better. I am a gemini and I am still having trouble settling down in a relationship. Been married twice and both failed. I in a relationship and really working hard to keep it going for a long time
By Melvin, Thursday, June 19, 2008 07:01:58 AM
The Gemini, being fickle-minded is so true based on my experience. I have tons of friends who are like what you have said. Gemini also symbolizes sociality. Those people oftentimes are really very fond of getting with people and making other people like them again based on my experience.
By June, Wednesday, June 18, 2008 05:33:39 PM
I am a gemini and you described me to a T. It is so hard for any one thing to keep my inteest long.No matter how hard I try. Maybe the next person to enter my life will accept me for me A GEMINI!!!!
By maylin, Tuesday, June 17, 2008 01:02:47 AM
i do agree with this. my daughter is a gemini and she really loves us a lot. she is a very good daughter and i know that she loves her siblings and will help them when they need help. she is very helpful and loving child.
By Victoria, Saturday, June 14, 2008 09:24:10 PM
P.S.- Sylvia, you looked BEAUTIFUL today. Pink is very lovely on you.
By Victoria, Saturday, June 14, 2008 09:19:11 PM
I did relate to this article. Sylvia seems to know astrology better than other sources I've read. I am the proverbial jack of all trades. I love art, writing, poetry, philosophy, psycology, decorating, fashion, spirituality, reading, music, and causes such as the environment, animal welfare, wildlife conservation, etc. etc. I love learning new things. I love my dogs as much as any person and I am always ready for a party, mostly for cozy intimate parties for two. I love celebrating things, even a small achievement or a special day. And I also have an interset in learning a lot of new things, even if they are not mastered. My new interest is learning French. I really hope I will succeed at this. I just want to write that my boyfriend and I truly enjoyed your webcast today Sylvia and it came at the right time. You made us both feel more at peace. We can't wait for your next one. Thank you for those and for this website. Peace.

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