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Great Job Advice from Tammy Lady of Stars
When I called Tammy Lady of Stars (1-888-649-8333 ext. 226866) I didnít know what to expect. Iíve been looking for a job for four months and things have been really tough. Interviewing for a job has been pretty stressful Ė as every interview progresses Iíve felt even more pressure to get a job and that just makes me feel even more nervous.

But Tammy Lady of Stars put me right at ease. She tuned into my situation right away. Tammy even picked up on my two little boys and how worried about them I have been. I was amazed and astounded by her accuracy! Tammy Lady of Stars saw me getting a job within a month to two months and told me to ďhang in there.Ē Iím glad I did, Iím now the Assistant Manager of a ladiesí boutique and just love my new job!

Thank you Tammy Lady of Stars. Iíll be calling you soon to talk about my boys and back-to-school!

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