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Happy Birthday Gemini

by Sylvia Browne

If you are a Gemini, then you must be celebrating your birthday. Oh don't fuss and fret so much! Birthdays are something to be happy about. More candles on the cake are a good thing after all.


Let me tell you some things about just how unique and special these Gemini folks are. For one thing, Geminis are known for being absolutely avid talkers. When you have a conversation with a Gemini you know that you are going to hear a lively and entertaining conversation with topics that will literally span the globe. Sometimes a Gemini does not feel much like talking, but even then they are much more social than many of us. But when a Gemini really gets rolling to tell a good story or make a speechlook out! Because they are going to totally steal the show!


This sign is very expressive overall. You'll see them using body language that compliments their conversation. Have you ever known someone who always seems to use their hands or make a lot of facial expressions when talking? Then they are probably a Gemini. Either that or Gemini is very prominent in their astrological chart.


But the Gemini is not just a talker; no the Gemini is also a big do-er. This sign is quite passionate about education. Even long after the school bell rings, they are signing up for classes or reading books to fill themselves full of knowledge. Even the self-taught Geminis that never liked school actually love to learnjust on their own terms. This sign often goes very far with their education, no matter the level of education they have received they take it as far and as high as it can possibly go. This is a big sign for teachers toowe all know they love learning!


So I wish a wonderful Happy Birthday to all of you Geminis! A very special year is ahead for you!


Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Victoria, Tuesday, June 10, 2008 02:16:16 AM
I'm a Gemini(June 16) and I relate to a lot of this article. I do like talking a lot, but mostly to people I know. And I love writing. The only thing I've read in the past that I cannot totally relate to is the fact that we're flighty with love. I, on the other hand, get attached very easily and it's hard for me to let go(maybe that has to do with my chart or other influences in my astrological chart). I've been with my boyfriend for 16 yrs. and have known him for twenty. He is a Libra, which I believe is Sylvia's sign. I have always loved that sign and have always been interested in astrology and learning in general. As Sylvia wrote though, on my own terms. I love books, crave learning and am very curious. I hope Sylvia writes a book about astrology. Her books are at the top of my crave list. LOL Peace.
By Aries, Monday, June 09, 2008 02:11:30 PM
My dad is a Gemini himself, and he was always entertaining to listen to. Not sure on the education part though, he does read a lot but wasn't exactly honor-roll candidate material.

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