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Happy Birthday Pisces!
by Sylvia Browne

As we are entering the time for Pisces birthdays, let me share with you a bit about these Pisces folks. Pisces birthdays are celebrated from February 19th – March 20th.

The most striking thing about a Pisces – and you’ll be able to tell it every time you see one – is that their eyes actually look luminescent. They are deep-set and usually dark, or are of a dark hut. In other words, if they have blue eyes, they are dark blue. There is no wishy-washy look about the eyes of a Pisces. Usually, the eyes are almond shaped. They have the most marvelous eyes, with a natural contour of the eyebrows and lashes. Everything from the nose on up is phenomenal. You look into a Piscean’s eyes and you really think that you’ve seen eternity. Any color is gorgeous and almost luminescent.

Pisceans have a disconnecting way of staring at you while you talk. You keep looking at them for approval, and they’ll just stare. Now, they’re really absorbing everything you say, but they seem to just stare at you. I think what happened was that somebody told the Pisceans when they were little, itty-bitty kids that having shifty eyes was a sign of weakness. So now they bore a hole right through you. Of course, if you tell a Pisces, "You’re making me fidgety,"  they’re very sorry about that, but they’ll still bore right into you. And they have those gorgeous, luminescent eyes, so you’re convinced that they see your soul anyway.

I have many girlfriends who are Pisceans. One was very typical; I would talk to her, and she wouldn’t talk back. If you pause, then they’ll talk but they’ll never break into your conversation and run over you with words, whereas air signs are always jumping in.

Pisces has, unfortunately, been given the slant of being the occult sign, which almost sounds hidden and subversive, but it’s not true at all. They’re not occult; they are metaphysical. In fact, they’re called the metaphysical sign. They are usually very spiritual people. Pisceans, by no means, like subversiveness in the sense of being occult. They would rather put it all out on the table. Then if it seems okay, they may absorb it, assimilate it, and file it.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Bonnie, Wednesday, February 25, 2009 05:43:55 PM
By Soraya, Tuesday, February 24, 2009 10:32:44 PM
Hi Sylvia: I am Pisces as I was born on March 8th and you just described me to a T...I have black eyes and if I have a conversation with someone and they can't look at me in the eyes I feel as if I am unable to trust them! Thanks for all you do...
By Judie, Tuesday, February 24, 2009 05:39:32 PM
Hello all fellow Pisces! I thought I'd share this because it was funny. Last year I was walking in the grocery store near where I live when a man walked past me. Under his breath I heard him ask, "Are those your real eyes"? I turned around and asked "What did you just say" and he repeated it. I almost started laughing, and wish my wit would have been quicker that day to reply, "No these are my fake ones I have in today" Instead I just told him thank you (after he said my eyes were a very beautiful blue). Yes, I am very spiritual, and it's also nice to have people comment on my eyes now and then. I also have a way of staring at people when they talk to me, but thats okay because most people know they are really being listened to. Unfortunatly too many then start thinking I am their therapist, and we all know how a pisces can suck in emotion from everyone. I am reaching my 50th birthday on March 6th smack dab in the middle of PISCES. Happy Birthday to one and all! Judie in California
By virginia, Tuesday, February 24, 2009 04:38:41 PM
By remy, Monday, February 23, 2009 03:20:41 PM
HEY!!!!! Sylvia, what happened to Cap's Happy B-day from you?!?!?! I have been waiting for two months and have been very egger to hear from you. Now I am sad :(
By Lori, Monday, February 23, 2009 11:29:40 AM
HI Syliva! Thank you for the having this blog for us Pisces. My birthday is Feb. 22, 1961. Its true that I have the deep brown eyes with almond shape. To extend that, I have a great sense of my surroundings. I know who is who, I know what is up with issues around me. It makes people nervous that I am who I am. I used to cry alot knowing that I am so different from alot of those around me. They always made sure I was the out cast. At times its still like that today. However, instead of crying about it. I am thankful I am differnt. In my line of work I am very good at what I do. I just trust my angels to be with me. When I go to the back door to get into my job, lol I alwasy put that key in the door and wait a second and ask my angels to be in front of me, behind me and beside me. Unfortually I work with those that are not honest folks. When asked to be an assitant manager, I simply replyed saying that I can not be that to a manager knowing she is not 100 percent honest. She knows I know things, and she makes it harder on me. She deliberately makes me feel like an out cast and making sure no one else speaks to me. But the flip side to that is that I know that they truely do not like her. Why is she still manager of that store is way beyond me. But at any rate, I am still on the path of getting more strenght in my walk God and the angles. I have expericed out of body way back when. Your the best and what a great blessing you are. Love to all of the pisces in here and have a great blessing year ahead of you. Lori
By Patricia, Sunday, February 22, 2009 03:08:23 AM
Thank you Sylvia! I have blue eyes with that Celtic very dark blue outercircle. I have had people comment on my eyes and it was an architect who pointed out to me that my eyes are translucent as when I wore blue my eyes would be a deeper blue. If I wore green my eyes would become green, and also at times no matter what I wore my eyes would be grey but always with that outer blue circle. My mother had informed me that when I was a small child she always knew when I was getting sick as my eyes would literally lose their color except for that circle. Thanky you - you are the first one to really comment on "Piscean Eyes". I have found over the years that I can tell when people are being untruthful as they can NOT look me in the eye at all. Thank you - bless you Sylvia.
By Dixie, Friday, February 20, 2009 10:07:04 PM
Syliva: Thank you for the birthday wish for 2/22/45. Loved you info. on the eyes. My eyes are dark green and I also have had people comment on my eyes. Thanks for the great input. Dixie-Wyoming
By NiCole, Friday, February 20, 2009 07:23:13 PM
Sylvia, i will be turning 30 on march 1st i've never liked being a fish for the emotional reasons, but your so right about the eyes. people are always telling me what beautiful eyes i have. love you and God bless. NiCole, Atlantic Beach,FL
By Debbie, Friday, February 20, 2009 04:06:08 PM
Thank You for the Birthday wish. People have always said my eyes are so intense. God Bless You. Debbie from Uncasville CT

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