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Happy Birthday Virgo
by Sylvia Browne

As we are approaching the end of August, it is the perfect time to say Happy Birthday to all of those wonderful Virgos. There is a lot to say about these Virgo folks. Let me share with you a little about the sign of Virgo so you can better understand your Virgo loved ones.

The time of Virgo is from August 23rd until September 22nd. This is the sixth sign of the zodiac.

The Virgo, known as "the Virgin," is promiscuous. Virgos are also known as "the whores of the zodiac." Whenever I say that to Virgos, they say, "Yes, that's right!" Any other sign says, "Oh, no!"

Virgos are promiscuous, but they have a prudish exterior. They are very sexually orientated, but they have an immense ability to direct this sexual energy. They can redirect it, thank God!

Virgos like to have everything in its place, everything organized. Meticulousness is a trait of theirs. I do not think they're as nitpicky as they might think though. They're not nearly as bad as the Capricorn. But you always feel embarrassed around the Virgo, as if they're cleaning up around you and dusting you off. That's why they often have cracked hands -- they're constantly washing.

Virgos are very good with people, but they have to be absolutely sure of what they're doing. They need to be "on top" of everything, but they do need prodding. And they'll cover their tracks well, in a positive way.

When upset, Virgos are the slow, smoldering type. When in repose, they look unhappy or pensive. That's why a Virgo gets very aggravated, because people are always asking them, "Are you mad?"

They are retentive in just about all areas, with a file-cabinet mind, especially when they have been hurt.

If there is a Virgo in your life, then you know just how special they are. Let us wish a very Happy Birthday to every Virgo as they enter this new birthday and new year!

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Donna, Monday, September 22, 2008 01:39:08 PM
I love you Sylvia, yes I am a virgo,and proud of it. Thank you Sylvia for the birthday wishes,it really means alot to me, only because I know you really mean it. Yes I am a true virgo, in every sense of the word, you really do know virgo. Thank you again, Sylvia and God bless you for all you do for us.
By Lori, Wednesday, September 17, 2008 08:33:49 PM
Hello Sylvia, I am also a Virgo (9/19). It is a very interesting to learn more about being a Virgo--when I read what you wrote I said to myself, yes, that sounds like me. Thank you, and God Bless--Lori
By Amber, Tuesday, September 16, 2008 04:38:23 PM
This is directly from Sylvia Astrology book in which she says to take everything with a grain of salt. There are some thing sthat are accurate but you have to realize soem stuff is for fun. Shes no tcalling anyone a whore, this si a saying that she is restating. She also says you can redirect that energy. So if you a Virgo and you find yourself passionate and very intune with your lover and have a great sex life after manyyears then this article is accurate....or to teh women who was offended and stayed away from relationships ....good job redirectign that sexual energy
By lola, Thursday, September 04, 2008 11:07:10 AM
Dear Sylvia, Thanks for wishing us Virgos a happy birthday. What you say is so true. Virgos can and do love more than one person at a time. When it happens I always say. . . Oh God. . .Why does this always happen to me :)? We are also health freaks and very vain, but when a friend is in need, Virgos are there indeed. Happy Birthday fellow Virgos!!! Love me
By james, Thursday, September 04, 2008 03:58:15 AM
yes sylvia you did discrive me to a tee, look me up on my space i am also psychic , god bless and may the white light of the holy spirit protect you and fill your life with love
By Jamie, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 09:51:11 PM
Hi Sylvia I am a Virgo 9/2 I watched you every Wednesday when you were on Montel I am so sad that Montel will not be on anymore and you wont be on his show. I have always been amazed by you I would like to ask you a very important question about 7 years ago my husband and I lost 2 children while I was 5 months pregnant a daughter in March and a son in September of 2001 I have always felt a emptiness inside don't get me wrong I have 2 beautiful children now but I just want to know if they visit me and are they around us it all happened so quickly I just felt I never got a chance to say goodbye. Thank-you for your time bless you. Jamie Kiser
By eileen, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 06:36:33 PM
I agree with a virgos discription to da tee. Perfect everything even though I am very loyal to my boyfriends every one I had yes we are whores! Not in a bad way! if that makes sense! LoL I mean I've had many lovers, one at a time though neva two a the same time like a 'whore'...I'm loyal to my lovers. Even though they were all in long time relationships, this is part where the 'whore' comes in again. But I neva dated a legally married man, see we're not really whores! Da down side of my very promiscuous life is the fear of my life partner cheating on me. Virgos are also very jealous in their relationships especially. We'll I really to see you soon Sylvia. Thank-you!
By Laurie, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 04:53:17 PM
I am a Virgo and I disagree completely on the "whores" concept. I have the passion, the desire but ONLY for love! I got my feelings hurt and I abstained from sex and dating completely for 2 years. Then I was ready to date again but this time I got my heart torn to shreds. This time it was 18 years of celibacy for me. No sex, no dates, no kissing, no holding hands... nothing. FInally healed enough to try to find love again... I got used, then another year of celibacy, then I dated a man for one year, and it is now over a year again without dates or sex. So tell me again how the heck is that being a "whore"?
By Tammy, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 03:55:00 PM
I am a Virgo 9/11, I just need to know the things i've experienced since i was a kid, is it some sort of extra sense i have and can i work on it? I really would like to know. Thanks and i love you since i first seen you!
By Diane, Wednesday, September 03, 2008 08:46:42 AM
I am a Virgo, (9/19), Sylvia you pegged me to a tee. Although, I was promiscuous at a younger age, (before my marriage) I prefer to call this "Looking for love in all the wrong places." As far as nitpicky about cleaning, I used to be, now being older, more mellow, and a bout of mono, I clean less often than I have in the past. It's funny you mention my most received comment,"Are you Mad?" I do receive that comment. I just tell people I am thinking and my brain hurts. I still receive strange looks no matter what I say. Everything you tell of Virgo is true for me, I thought I was reading my life story. Thanks for allowing some understanding of this beautiful sign. Diane

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