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Helping Your Children With Their Dream Lives

by Sylvia Browne


How many times has your child told you about an amazing and unusual dream they had last night? Or perhaps they have mentioned that they visited with Grandma who is now living on The Other Side. Children are just like adults in that they have rich and vivid dreamlives. Being open to helping your child understand their dreams is a real gift.


We all travel to The Other Side occasionally during our dreams. This is after all, where we used to live. We chose to come to Earth to live for awhile before returning to The Other Side. So it makes perfect sense that we would become sentimental for our true home during our stay on Earth. If your child tells stories of visiting a place with magnificent buildings and large libraries and many people that all seem familiar—they very well may have traveled to The Other Side during their dreams.


Simply listening to your child’s dreams is so helpful to them. Asking them questions to help them get more information from their dream is very useful. It is best not to make definite statements about their dreams—let the child explain what they think they were dreaming about. This relationship can be so helpful for your child’s spiritual life!


What type of dreams have your children had? Do you think your children remember their dreams?

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Heidi, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 06:09:26 PM
My 4 1/2 year old daughter has been waking up in the morning saying she has visited angels with pretty colors. This is so amazing! How do I encourage her to be more descriptive about where she is visiting, and who she is visiting, without overwhelming her? Heidi
By Anastasia, Wednesday, May 07, 2008 07:42:25 AM
My son, who is now 11, frequently told me of The Other Side when he was younger. He had trouble staying in his body and frequently astral traveled during the day as well as the evening. One of the things he loves the most is the great columns(he calls towers). He also reminds me that he chose me to be his mom. During one of our conversations he mentioned how at night he and his "spirit friends" would go play or sit on the tree tops and look at the planets. Another thing he has shared with me is that he has lived on other planets before and that he does not like earth. He says it is very bad and that there are a lot of very dark spirits here. Then gives me a kiss and runs off to play. When I asked him about his guide - he was 6 at the time - he paused, shut his eyes for a moment, then opened them and said their names are Carol and George (we have no one in our family with those names or friends) but then he said, "Mom, you know they are one person not two, they are male and female in one body." I never tell him he is wrong because he has a very spiritual energy around him, but I had not heard that before although it makes sense as we all have the male/female energies within us. Love & Light Anastasia, ME
By Cathy, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 10:17:21 PM
Wow..I just had this discussion with my oldest daughter tonight who is 25. When my mother passed away in 1987 I had my daughter right there when I was with my mother. After her funeral and I was back to work my daughter was in day care at the time she was five and woke up crying if I remember right and told the director of the day care center that my mother was talking to her and said that everything would be ok. She asked me about my mother as I never told them she had passed away and I told her that she just passed away recently I thought the lady was going to fall off her chair-she said Jenn was so adament about this that she would not stop talking about it. Jenn doesnt remember that dream today but I remember pieces of what I was told.
By RAFFAELA, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 01:23:18 PM
it happened 15 years ago but after my motherinlaw passed away about 6 months later he told me he saw his grandmother at the closet at my parents house and i think it was not a dream but she was really there.
By Scribes, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 12:05:58 PM
Teresa, I'll pass along a tip I learned from my father when I was having bad dreams and thoughts of ghosts and monsters. My father got a can of Lysol, and told me it was spray to help keep ghosts away, and sprayed the whole room, especially under my bed. Wouldn't you know it, I never had another dream about ghosts or monsters again in my childhood. Sometimes all a child needs is reassurance from the parents they they will not let anything happen to him and are ready to protect. Try and see and best of luck. :D
By Andrea, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 11:21:32 AM
My 11 yr old son has very vivid, scary dreams a lot about demons and devils. He wakes up the next morning and seems reluctant to share with me but it's always him versus evil in his dreams. I've always thought he was an "old soul" and that maybe in a past life he was a man of the church. His personality is such that he has always leaned towards being laid back, kind, and diplomatic. Do you think that this is just an over active imagination or is he actually in tune with something....past life experience maybe? Andrea in IN
By joanne, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 11:07:44 AM
my grandson is 4 he was 1 1/2 when my daughter died, he does not remember her, once in awhile he will say something about her, ( he will call her the lady) does she visit him?
By Teresa, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 10:51:01 AM
My grandson is 9. He dreams almost nightly that what he says "a ghost is squeezing me so thight I can't breath. He has night terrors now. My daughter has a phycologist for children helping him now. Is he mabye a sensitive? Teresa in NC
By kathy, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 01:54:08 AM
when i was young i would have dreams that would come true and then seeing my dead grandmother walk into my bedroom and talk to me kind of scared me so i stop having those kinds of dreams. well now i am much older married with kids of my own and i started having these really weird dreams were i would be above everyone watching everything that was going on, the dreams became so strange i starting writing them down, what could this mean if any thing?
By Karen, Monday, May 05, 2008 07:38:01 AM
My daughter told me she saw her grandmother and she held her hand out to her and than she disappeared.She was very excited to tell me about it and than she cried.I think she realized how much she missed her.We discussed the dream,I told her she was so lucky to have her grandmother visit her and to know that she is around her. THe conversation ended with a big smile.

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