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Information Gathering and Problem Solving Dreams During Your Sleep
by Sylvia Browne

It's happened to all of us. We fall asleep worried about a problem and wake up with the solution. Or we wake up when we fell asleep the night before. So where does that new problem in our sleep that we've spent hours or days or weeks wrestling with during our waking hours? Why does the advice to "sleep on it" really seem to work?

Did you know that Mozart received many of his most glorious compositions through dreams? Or that the theory of glorious compositions through dreams? Or that the theory of relativity came to Albert Einstein in a dream? Dreams inspired everything from Elias Howe's invention of the sewing machine to Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb. Dmitry Mendeleyev, a brilliant nineteenth-century chemist and physicist, re-created the Periodic Table during his waking hours after it appeared to him it its entirety in a dream. Robert Lewis Stevenson struggled for days over a short story that refused to take shape until a dream transformed it into the classic "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." And if Dr. Jonas Salk had chosen to ignore his dreams, the polio vaccine might have never existed. Lucky guesses? Coincidences? Preconceived solutions that just happened to reveal themselves during the relaxation of sleep? The words "fat chance" leap to mind.

Fortunately, it's not just extraordinary people like those who are given information and answers during the night. For the last thirty or forty years I've been hearing story after story, and had the firsthand wonder myself, in which we "ordinary people" have awakened with more knowledge than we had when we dozed off. My idea of logic dictates that if it didn't come from inside of us, it came from outside of us and each of us is gifted enough, whether we're conscious of it or not, to retrieve that knowledge and put it to use.

There are two ways we receive information and solutions to our problems while we sleep: through telepathy and through astral travel. Both are marvelously helpful God-given blessings, and both come as naturally to us as breathing once our noisy, skeptical, chronically interfering conscious minds are at rest.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Bonnie, Friday, October 24, 2008 04:34:16 AM
I have been working on my dreams for quite awhile now.I am a psychology major in college and am 50 yrs. old.I have a desire to be a healer and I was doing prayer counseling as a ministry. My h wanted me to work so now I'm in school toward that goal.I've been studying Jung along w/ many other's.I recently had a dream about the missing girl in Orlando FLA.It was very real.She looked at me w/ a look in her eyes -"please help". I've been praying for her and now I know she has passed.I told my dad about this dream and he told me mabe I should pray for her b/c she is asking for help (she may be stuck).I've been praying for her and for the whole world for that matter. I know that in a sleepy concious state, answers come, as well as dreams.Every night I know there is an angel in my home and a protector covering me.Alot of family trauma has attacked me and my family-I choose to believe God and keep hope.I am blessed by you Sylvia b/c you have shined light on the darkness and b/c of your teachings I have more ways to do that.I feel I'm a warrior w/ others (In prayer and in dreams) to bring light and put out darkness. Blessings, Take care and God Bless, Love, Bonnie.
By Bonnie, Friday, October 24, 2008 04:19:01 AM
By Lorinda, Friday, October 24, 2008 03:27:44 AM
Hi Sylvia, I truly believe you are right on the mark and that we can retrieve information not coming from our selves! Years ago, I was pregnant with my oldest son and had gone days over the normal gestation period. I was huge and very sick with kidney failure and other health problems. I was seeing my doctor several times a week and each time he would ask "when are you going to have this baby?" "I can see his head and you could have him anytime!" And each time, I would answer misrabley,"I don't know, but I sure wish soon!" This went on for many days, and finaly one day I went home to return to bed and awoke after dreaming my son would be born on Holloween. In my dream, I answered the doorbell to see 3 trick-or-treaters and when I turned around, instead of a bowl of candy, I had my son in my arms! Two days later, when I saw my doctor and he ask the usual question, I firmly told him that my son would be born on Holloween. He laughed at me and said "No way" as Holloween was almost two weeks away, but I told him that "this is what I dreamed and it was the only answer I had". We then agreed that if I had not had my son by then, he would induce labor the day after Holloween. I went into labor the morning of Oct.31 and my son was born on Holloween! Also of note is the fact that I had three children total, the same number of trick-or-treaters at the door! I am sure that my doctor and my both wondering the big "When???" contributed to my receiving the answer that proved to be correct. It was like I was asking "Oh, my God, WHEN?" every time I took a breath!" I think that the cosmos were bombarded with this question and knew we were serious, as I don't get the answers to just any question. At other times, I have dreamed of future conversations, events and even trival information such as what a coworker would wear to work the next day. So even when I don't ask a specific question I will at times get answers! Thank you Sylvia for all the light and wisdom you share with each and everyone of us...Bless You!,Lorinda
By Kristi, Thursday, October 23, 2008 07:31:43 PM
Sylvia: I just wanted to show you the poem I wrote my mother. Here it is. My Mother is the Greatest Mother Because She has the grace of a butterfly One with two wings flying high Flowing softly through the wind With love and patience that never ends She gives her help to those in need Planting gifts of love with all of her being. Sacrificing whatever she has Even if it means losing something she can't have. She goes far beyond just being a mother She's a child of god, a friend, a wife And of course the world's greatest mother I'm sure you would agree there is no other. My Mom is the Greatest, a mother of four She is the one whom I adore Can I ever ask for more? God made her perfect, need I say anymore. Kristi Copyright 2008 Kristi
By Kristi, Thursday, October 23, 2008 07:28:14 PM
Dear Sylvia: Hello, my name is Kristi and when I read your blog I could really relate to what you were saying. I started writing poetry a few years ago after reading this guys poetry I met online. I decided to try writing poetry myself, and my first one was about NYC and the second one was for my mother right after I found out she had cancer. I wanted to let her know how I felt about her, because I was affraid of losing her. Her blood pressure went way beyond the blood pressure scale. She is alive and well today. However, I read your blog and alot of times when I sleep some of the words come to mind if i am stumped on finishing one of my pieces. The poem I wrote to my mom won me a trip to California to be on the set of "Extra" the tv show with Leeza Gibbons a few years back. I took my mother on that trip, and I am glad I did, because she got to see her mother, which is no longer alive now. God Bless her. As for the sleeping part right now I don't sleep well I think the mattress I just returned I felt something move inside and I thought maybe a snake was in my mattress and now I am still affraid to sleep on the new mattress in fear there is one in there. Maybe you could tell me if there is a snake in the new mattress or not so I can sleep and dream again. I dream alot about snakes and have a deep fear of them. It may relate to when I was a kid and a snake got in while I was sleeping on the floor. I am not sure I would love to sleep peacefully again but I can't I love you and will see you at your Philadelphia, PA show next year. I was just at your other show in NJ. If you can answer that for me i would be very grateful.
By Stacy, Thursday, October 23, 2008 06:04:13 PM
This is very true. Just this past week I have been contemplating on what to do this weekend. I had 2 choices..I guess sub-conciously I felt back about doing one over the other, and it came up in my dream. It was clear to me what I had to do. Thanks Sylvia for everything. Besides ourselves, you are the gateway to everything GREAT! Youi help us see what we already know..Thanks a bunch and BIG HUGS!!!
By Patricia, Thursday, October 23, 2008 05:59:20 PM
Hi Sylvia, I would really, really like one of those books, the Mystic Traveller! I haven't had anything exciting happen in my life and if I made something up you would know!! :) All kidding aside, to be made to feel 'special' and experience something wonderful such as my spirit guides (Ralph) 'voice'! Have a great day and you never know, maybe a story will happen just in time.
By Erin, Thursday, October 23, 2008 05:44:40 PM
I've often thought to myself that I should keep a dream journal, and I'm so excited to share my plan! My best friend and I made a pact that we would exchange dream journals for Christmas - this way we can personalize them. Then we would each be keeping our journals. Having someone else to do this with will help ensure I follow through. Ever since we made this pact, I've started remembering numerous dreams each night - whereas before I was lucky to remember one! Love & Light Erin
By Lori, Thursday, October 23, 2008 03:29:25 PM
Dear Sylvia, I just would love for you to know how much I loved your book about dreams. I have always been a very vivid dreamer. Things are so real I could touch them. I have found that if I dream the same dream at least three times it is going to come true. When I was 13 I kept dreaming that my neighbors house had a gas leak, and there house blew up, it drove me crazy as these were people I really loved. When I told my mom she immediately had me call my neighbors and tell them of my dream. They called the gas company right away, only to find that they did indeed have a gas leak, and had it gone undetected it would have caused an explosion with any kind of spark. I have seen in my dreams my dog dying, my aunt dying, and my dad, and every time it actually happened. Since my parents have been gone, I see them in my dreams, as if we are having some sort of family function, we are always doing something fun and exciting, and its such a great feeling to feel so comforted in my sleep. I continue to look forward to my dreams and I look forward to the many more books of yours that I can read. Thanks Sylvia you are the best! Lori
By Kimberley, Thursday, October 23, 2008 03:10:22 PM
I've always been a very vivid dreamer and part of that has to do with my personality and illness, but a huge majority of it has to do with my Spirit Guide and God-- at least that's what I believe. You see, I can be very dense sometimes and it's to the point where I may need the solution "beat" into me to truly understand it. I call my dreams the "sledgehammer" I need in life for this very reason. Having vivid dreams can be annoying at times because you can feel like you haven't slept, but I wouldn't trade my sledgehammer for anything. It keeps me sane. Thanks for doing what you do Sylvia! Take care of yourself! Kimberley

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