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Leos and Relationships
by Sylvia Browne

As this is the birthday month for Leo folks, let us talk a bit about exactly what the Leo is like when it comes to relationships. The Leo is a very royal or noble sign of the zodiac. Its symbol is the lion, a very noble and royal beast.

Leos are best known for being proud, loyal and loving children. These are all excellent qualities to have in a friend, companion, family member or anyone that you would like to know. Admittedly, the Leo can also be a bit fickle -- but then again, can't we all be fickle at times?

Leos have a strong degree of fidelity - possibly to the strongest in the zodiac. They become totally hurt and disemboweled by broken relationships, and they take guilt totally upon themselves because of any break in a close relationship.

There is nothing sadder than disappointed Leos, unless it is hurt Cancers. But a Leo can become wrathful if someone they love is hurt -- even a slight hurt. All of the fire signs are like this. They will turn to you and say, "What did you mean by that, when you said....?!" They can say things to others, but God help you if you say it to them. If you ever get into a fight, you want a fire sign right beside you. You do not want any other sign, except maybe a Cancer.

Leos usually answer to their own instincts. They are highly psychic in the area of natural precognitive abilities, not so much about people, as about events. Now, of course, people are attached to events, but when they're psychically reading, they will see more events, rather than people coming into life. But both sides can be developed.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Germaine, Sunday, August 17, 2008 12:32:17 AM
I am married to a Leo, and he can be very fierce when it comes to loyalty, but he has a very bad temper, and often blames others for his life mistakes. He admits he wants to take out rath on those that cross him, and for 7 years I have been blamed for everything bad that happens to him. I don't know what has happened to him in the past, but this is the second Leo man I have been involved with. They truly are loyal, but very critical and demanding. They demand all of your time and attention. My husband does not stand up very well though against those that would harm me or his family, and I have stood up for myself, being an Aquarian I am also very protective of my family, and have even stood up for him. He is a wonderful grandfather though and loves children, but he does not want to see any faults in his own children. He never, ever forgets anyone's faults, or if they have disappointed him, in an opportune moment he will attack them in a vicious way, so much so that I shake my head in complete shock at what he comes out of his is totally horrible. Maybe I am not seeing something here, but I can't say my experiences with Leos have been good.
By Jenali, Wednesday, August 13, 2008 03:29:42 PM
I love that you have this up. Both the men that are close to me in my life are leos and I tell you what, sometimes it is hard with them. Maybe it makes it harder that I am an Aries.. But I really do like the part about how they feel with broken relationships.. Thanks..
By rochelle, Tuesday, August 12, 2008 05:49:52 PM
WOW!!!Reading this was like looking in the mirror. I am a female Leo. This was on point as to how I am. Don't mess with a Leo or the children unless you're looking for trouble.
By Leanne, Monday, August 11, 2008 11:39:14 PM
I am a Leo and a redhead on top of that. I find that my protectiveness of my children is almost uncontrolable. I took them away from an abusive father when they were very young and it seems to me I kinda went into hyperdrive as far as they were concerned. At times it is almost embarrassing. I wonder if this is me being a Leo or just me being a mom.
By Cecilia, Monday, August 11, 2008 07:57:43 PM
Sylvia you forgot that Leos have a hard time giving love because they are afraid that it will make them vunerable. We don't really direct these emotions towards the ones we love, but we tell everyone else how much I love them. :) There is so much more to Leos! But I want everyone to read your astrology book to understand every sign. Unfortunately, I have a moon in Pisces, and supposedly I am very sensitive and intuitive. I agree on the sensitive part. I am such a sensitive Leo, that anything said something to me with mean-ness will hurt me. I am just way to sensitive. I don't know about the intuitive part.... But one thing I know for sure; I love being a Leo. :)
By lola, Monday, August 11, 2008 04:58:28 AM
Leos are easy 2 fall in love with and are great friends. I'm virgo sun with a gemini moon love comes very easy 4 me luckily. . . I only love leos and sagittarius as partners. I have a question 4 the room. . . are there any stories about unfaithful leos?
By Melba, Friday, August 08, 2008 12:24:03 PM
I am a Leo and I guess all Leo's are not the same. I am a bit of a cowardly lion, I guess, as I would rather walk or run away from arguing or fighting if at all possible. When it comes to children or older people I will stand and defend them if need be. I am very loyal to my partner and I have had two. The first I was with 28 years and then lost him to cancer and now I am remarried and have been for 10 years. ( I married pretty young.) :) I have found through the years that every time I thought I was," definitely right," that was when I was "definitely wrong." I find it very hard to eat crow, but I do appolize when I realize I'm wrong. I try to not eat too much crow these days and refrain from making a remark about something is definitely so. :) I love life and love most people. I try to find the good in them rather the bad or try to understand the reason why some people are the way they are. So even if Leo's are a bit proud, they come in all colors good and bad. Melba
By Candi, Tuesday, August 05, 2008 02:43:17 PM
As Ive read all these posts I started to giggle,laugh an cry a little because I can relate to all of them an then I decide I'd better pray for strength because Im in a relationship with a Leo man ...for about 4+ yers!!! Yikes this Lion(w/Leo moon!) has decided a relationship....!!! Me im Pisces,a very true pisces with a Aries moon no less...eeeks! yea, Im up an out there sometimes to many logical leo's...I like to see more spiritual things first much so I need a tug to earth sometimes ...Leo's??? Yea not to much!! His heart doesnt get much bigger though once decided...good thing I aint in no hurry for "the M word" ...Leo's are like crock pots...takes along time to get the tenderness one needs. If you have the patience. They dont like to take what they dish out for sure...I have never seen anyone deliver an insult with such style an love in their heart it boggles the mind!! I do mean boggles the mind to the point that you look at him an shake your head as to say: "Its a good thing your cute an I really know the real you cuz if I really thought that you meant what you just said, you'd be pick'n your teeth off the floor like liiiiitle chicklets!!".... Now if your with a Leo man like I am you understand this kind of mind boggle....No? And have I said this quote to him???...yes! The type of ego and arrogance can be over whelming for me at times but thankfully he is mostly the sweet Lion. Ive been divorce many many many moons as in decades so like I said I aint in any hurry an dont know about the forever thing with him or anyone.... In Sylvia's books she talks about her picks in partners and I learned alot: 1. Im not alone 2. To laugh at myself cuz I aint alone 3. THANK GOD FOR SYLVIA CUZ IM NOT ALONE!!! Beuhahahah and ya better have a sense of humor!! AMEN?
By nancy, Sunday, August 03, 2008 02:48:37 PM
WOW!! Have you hit me on this Leo sign person. My dear son was married to a Leo (???2 yrs. next month) These people need to learn to live in the NOW and not the past (10,000,000,000,000) Pain-Body stories of their lives and stretching and embellishing each story til there is no recognition. To screem out, after I wondered why (MY New Daughter-in-law) was so in need of finding a lost item (couple cups) after a move from the Military, stuff all in boxes. She had to be making plans on leaving my son because when I said, "Why don't you just wait and I will call you when he finds them God you act like your divorced and you aren't even married 2 yrs." Wife Screemed out, "I want a divorce!" looking at him. I looked at her mother and my son. I said, ,"Where did that come from" Well the Leo was on the rampage and she gave Me ME ME ME ME Me ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME EM Pain-body stories and even a "Store" incident where she got her Leo attitude "I want what I want when I want it," and he had to (Gently-not like she tried to make it sound like he left marks on her) Because I was there he could make sure her mom heard the truth, AT a store In front of the people she got louder and louder, looking to see whose atttention she got hold of, and he had to bring her back to reallity and put his open hand on her back trying to reign her in and this was turned into "he abused her, he left marks on her neck" and SHE was screeming and crying and yelling, then she told about what she didn't get for lst anniversery "It was not about any of the things she was saying." She had had her parents move her before sons stint over, he had to packup whole apartment stuff and clean apt. and travel hours and then even unpack the same A.M. and No rest to face this B.S. in our home. I had started this off with why the mother was interfering in their new lives together. The Mom lunged at me twice, The only reason I reamined calm was my new found knowledge of "BE STILL It WIL BE ALRIGHT." The next day or two they met in a store and she ran up to him and said, "I am going to the Attorney tomorrow." The last we saw of her. Egoic Nature WILL GET ITS way. This sign just makes it easier to GET YOUR WAY. The mother said,she gets 30 calls from one daughter (YOUNG) baby, man in service (They were army brats so they knew military security in a husband not bad.) and they always had a contest between them who would walk the isle first and the first child and they both are still wet behind the ears. The mom was mad because he did not re-enlist. Mom blamed my son for not letting his wife go to college, while I there he got to tell her he put stuff on computer for her where to go to sign in classes and she would tell him, "I'm not going unless you go with me." Then "I do not want to go to classes while I am in (Named their area)." Also, he told mom how wife was to get a full time job, she had a 1-day 4 hrs. job, the rest of time laid on sofa reading Novels, hugh sized ones because she did that when she came home to visit. (This is the only time she worked, she went with her mom every day to her old job while visiting) Didn't help with 1/2 of house work and cooked only a couple meals he cookedandcleaned up after too. He would work his 12 hour days and come home to WHAT! The New Wore off, LEO YELLED OUT its egoic Nature and wham-o divorce. I am helping my son to learn from this and that he has tried. You could see the hurt at the lies she was screeming at me. He was a funny loving helpful son to me until he went into service and is the same again. Mothers must keep their distance when their children marry. The mom asks about every thing that came up as a couple, instead of talking to her mate. I told my sons, "You make your bed then you lie in it." LEO's read and learn from this sad sad true life lesson. I feel when you do not get the help you need to get rid of these LIFE's STORIES you relive over and over in your mind, to look at others and see the pain you are cauing by your attitude You are going to be a miserable person to be around the rest of your life. You will keep adding those painful stories to lay on all of your friends that they in turn will not want to be your frined any more. YOU CAN CHANGE - Your Thought just have to be changed. That takes WORK. God Bless those that are living with a LEO.(There GOOD IS GOOD, BUT THE BAD IS BADDER) (From Bush Vocab) What I am saying she kept blaming my son for everything. It takes two to tango. She made these plans behind her husbands back. They knew 2 jobs were needed to exsist in the day and age. It is sad, he ask me Should I try and work it out? I am afraid that with her mom (Married 5 times divorced 4 and even addmitted cheating on the "LOVING and KIND Man she has now" Mom yelled these words at me, that Mom shared this tid bit with her daughter while drunk. You talk to your mate not mother. I told her when I ask her when she dated my son why when he ask her to date at school she said,"No" she knew he dated a friend and you know how that goes "Sloppy seconds" I told him before giving a ring "she is like my friend, talks about ME ME ME ME ME this illness and this doc. appt. etc. I hated when she came to visit before they even thought of marriage. I know she kept talking about his uniform, "He has to wear his uniform." it is the way she said it. So Leo's have faith that you can make yourself a good life with a good mate. It takes Work and I hope when you read these words that they will help you evaluate how you act, sit back and be the watcher, NOT PRETTY. I used to identify with my "Stuff my stories you name it." Sylvia has a great psyic Zodiac book that writes about the signs in such a clearer way they most books. I am glad I bought it. Have a Good life Leo. You can be such fun loving beings do not let the bad traits spoil your wonderful life. I sign off with LOVE. N
By Heather, Saturday, August 02, 2008 10:24:07 AM
I am glad that my Leo's go with their instinct. Otherwise I wouldn't of had much protection growing up. (Thanks mom :) for saving me many times in my childhood LOVE YOU!) Also, thanks to my husband for sticking with me in those times when I think I have pushed him to his limits. (LOVE YOU BABE)

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