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Past Life Regression
by Carla Blaha

Past life regression therapy is becoming exceedingly more popular and maybe even accepted in some arenas. Those who love it, swear by it!

The premise behind past life regression therapy is that when phobias and illnesses exist without any basis, even after traditional therapy, then the problems may stem from other life-times.

A past life hypnotherapist will take a detailed case history. When the therapist and patient feel comfortable then they will begin regression hypnosis, not the “Act like a chicken”, hypnosis. This is a relaxing visualization that brings the patient to a time and place where the phobias may have started.

The patient is always in control and in a super relaxed state, allowing their mind to flow without distraction. The therapist will know how long to stay on a subject before moving on, as to not let the patients “active mind” begin to create the images. The patient must say what first comes to mind without censoring.  The problems can be very deeply engrained due to many life-times. Several sessions may be required.

Let’s consider the child who has a complete unexplained fear of his school building. Every time he walks into the school he begins to cough and cannot relax and suffers from such anxiety he can barely get through his school day. It is quite possible that doing a regression it is found that the child was once in a school where the teacher was abusive. Then, the school house burned and he was trapped. Hence, the cough and phobia started. Facing the fear and moving through it usually stops the problem.

If unexplained pains or phobias infringe on your life it is a possibility you carried them from another life-time. You don’t need to have it this life-time.

Carla Blaha is a spiritual writer who is an intuitive and Reiki Healer. She has studied and practiced Metaphysics for many years.

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