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Raising Psychic Children
by Sylvia Browne

Donít you wish all children were born with little instruction manuals tied to their wrists? I know I would have appreciated it, and probably would have done a lot of things differently. And I wonít presume to give you general advice about child rearing. Iím no more of an expert at that than anyone else whoís raised children.

I can, however, offer specific advice about the psychic aspects of raising children. None of it is complicated or time consuming. Its purpose is to see to it that your childrenís psychic gifts are a positive, safe, comfortable, normal, empowering, and above all, God-centered force in your lives. Iím confident that it will also deepen the communication between you and your children and create disciplines youíll come to treasure. Above all, it will help your child through the often overwhelming transition from the Other Side to here.

Try using this Tool of Protection with your children to protect them from negative energy. When your children are old enough, teach them to use the Tool of Protection for themselves:

The Bubble of White Light - This is a Tool that children love and can easily picture. Iím sure you remember Glinda the Good Witch of the North, in the Wizard of Oz, who floated from place to place inside a beautiful blue transparent bubble. Send your children to sleep and/or out the door in the tradition of Glinda, with one variation - instead of a blue bubble, surround them with a glowing translucent sphere made from the sacred, transparent White Light of the Holy Spirit.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Stacy, Thursday, October 23, 2008 08:25:29 PM
I actually have a friend who's oldest child has seen my dad and I believe others from the other side...Children are just amazing in the gifts they bring from TOS.. BIG HUGS!!
By Geri, Thursday, October 23, 2008 03:25:33 PM
By Liza, Friday, October 17, 2008 12:12:32 PM
As a mom of an empathic child, I appreciated the advice while she was growing up. Our family has never thought anything "unseen but felt" was odd, and we were very accepting of the psychic talents of several generations of family. But this youngest member had a tough time,as her gift involved medical empathing, so she physically felt pain of others. The white light AND silver column suggestions she got in a seminar from Sylvia thankfully has helped. Now that she is at the point of deciding on a career though, the question is should this gift be part of it...should she admit to it...should she risk the possible ridicule and grilling she would be subject to if she told others about this? She has been approached already by media after she has diagnosed critical patients the MDs all but gave up on, but isn't sure they will present this in the right manner. She is pursuing a holistic health certificate meanwhile...but even there has run up against strict teachers who don't understand what she has to offer! Has anyone else had a child, family member, etc find a place in their career to use their Sylvia has...with relative safety? This isn't exactly a field where she'll find a "Help wanted" ad!
By Diane, Friday, October 03, 2008 02:46:31 PM
Wow Nancy,sounds like you really see the glass half full. The gratitude journal is a great idea. Sylvia(Francine, her Spirit Guide) are beautiful and I attribute the betterment of my life to them. This is a great site to be able to give tribute to Sylvia. Yo, Sylvia. Sylvia and her bo are the cutest couple and I am very glad for their happiness. I am sorry for your loss but you know that your sweetie is always with you.(seeing everything you do) I still have my husband with me so it is very hard to imagine what that would be like. Peace and light be with you. P.S. I quote Sylvia all the time and have met quite a few Sylvia fans here in my neck of the woods. I use to think I was the only one. hee hee. I have almost everyone of her books and plan on re-reading everyone of them.
By nancy, Thursday, October 02, 2008 05:48:55 PM
My Dear Sylvia, I loved the Psychic Children. When I see people with little ones I now share what I learned in your book. They usually say that many times they see their little one looking in a direction and smiling like they are seeing someone, I tell them they are. The one had lost a grandfather before she was born and this is happening. Tears came into their eyes when I shared this lovly truth from you, Sylvia. I cannot thankyou enough daily that I use your books re-reading them and getting things I missed the first three time through them. Love your Web event monthly. It is so awesome and I am so glad that you found a wonderful man for a significant other. That is what I called my sweetie God called HOME 1-27-2007 at 45 yrs. old. I was an older women and He left before me. I have the wonderful memory of crossing my dear one over with JOY and Peace that I had knowing power from you how to do it right and get the joy of really helping him in his time of great need to have a loved one there. The neg that people push your way, may we wipe all that away by our love and thanks to you for sharing your knowledge and your warmth you give out from your spirit. I still yell at people that ask the same old same old, " B U Y S Y L V I A ' S B O O K S!!!!!!Yelling it, they are a personal visit from you. We can communicate with our loved ones and get visits many many times in each butterfly , birds singing extra loud until you look up, a pink plastic butterfly barret droped by a child that I found pulling my weeds in my side walk. So many wonderful things. I write them in my gratitude journal and oh how they cheer me when those Psychic attacks come by. This Mercury Retrograde is realing doing a number on my legs and pain, I grab my magnets and get still and think of the white light of the HOLY SPIRIT and the pain goes away. I try to take as few pills as necessary. LOL Your devoted Fan, Nancy L.Bisset; New Oxford, Pa.

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