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Reading Tea Leaves
by Carla M. Blaha

Often used in a joking manor such as, “What does she do you read tea Leaves?” But tea leaf reading is a very old and respected form of divination. 

Tasseography is the formal name for Tea Leaf reading, which is to interpret patterns in tea leaves. Like many forms of divination anyone can read tea leaves. It requires clear thinking and intention.  Have a question ready before you begin and continue to think about it.
Reading Tea Leaves

1. White cup and saucer.
2. Loose tea or bag tea.
3. Make tea without strainer for loose leaves or open bag after tea is made.
4. Drink almost all of the tea.  If using a bag cut bag and place top portion of tea in cup.
5. Spin cup counter clockwise and place cup upside down on saucer, lift slowly.
6. The handle represents you, home, family and friends.
7. Moving away from the handle are things going away, opposite the handle are situations and people outside your inner circle.
8. Moving toward the handle are things about to happen.
9. Bottom of cup represents your deep emotions.
10. Moving upwards - lighter things in your life.

Tea leaf reading uses intuition along with symbol recognition. There are symbols that have lasted through the ages which carry specific meanings. For example, a cherry means happy emotional experiences and an egg means, fertility and new beginnings. A reader will open her mind and allow the flow of information as well as symbol recognition in order to read the tea leaves. There are many symbol books that can be found in bookstores or on the Internet.

Next time you have a cup of tea, think about it.

Carla Blaha is a spiritual writer who is an intuitive and Reiki Healer. She has studied and practiced Metaphysics for many years.

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