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Shay of the Heart Helps With An Important Love Decision
When I called Shay of the Heart (Ext. 336801) I just didnít know what I was going to do about my boyfriend. Heíd asked me to move with him out-of-state with his new job in September. But our relationship has had problems. Heís been unfaithful and Iíve caught him in lies before. I love him but there are BIG trust issues. So I wanted to get some clarity on my love life --- and I went straight to the source by talking with Shay of the Heart.

Shay of the Heart didnít ask me a lot of questions, she started telling me about my boyfriendís personality. I was startled by her accuracy Ė she very much caught his personality and character. She said that he has been less than truthful but that we have a strong love connection. Thatís when I started to cry because I knew she was just so right about us.

I asked her about the move and she told me that I needed to think about our relationship as if we were staying here Ė would I stay with him? That made sense to me. Sheís given me a lot to think about. I liked how she used these stones called Runes to do my reading, Iíve never had a Rune reading before.

I have a feeling things are going to get better between me and my boyfriend Ė and I know for sure Iíll be calling Shay of the Heart again real soon!

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