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The Big Bang Theory
by Carla Blaha

When I hear that Science can explain just about everything, I laugh. It seems many feel the Big Bang Theory explains a lot! It might explain a whole lot but, I would argue that it does not explain everything. 

So, the Big Bang happened and bang the planet is here. Now, I know there is a perfectly good scientific reason as to how “life” started on our planet. The story goes on and on and at the end I am here writing this blog for you. I will thank the Big Bang Theory however; I think I will thank God, first.

I remember being at a restaurant and the science vs. religion topic came up. Oh, a taboo topic most would avoid. Ha, not I. As I sat on the corner of this long rectangle table, knowing only 2 other people, the debate began.

“The world can be explained by science” said a man at the other end of the table.  Now, I let this go for a while but after I no longer could hold back not hold back.  I said, “Really, you think that everything can be explained?” “Yes”, he replied “It is the big Bang Theory.” “Wow”, I thought.  My next response was simple. “Really, and what started The Big Bang?” To my surprise the man never said another word.

My point to all of this is simple.  Look at everything around you. There is a finely tuned composition to everything.  It is not an accident we have four seasons, babies are born, bees pollinate, the sun rises and sets, and we live and die. None of this is a coincidence! God, Goddess, the Universe or the Source something very loving and powerful is here for us. Just Believe!

Carla Blaha is a spiritual writer who is an intuitive and Reiki Healer. She has studied and practiced Metaphysics for many years.

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