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The Loss of a Pet and Their Life on The Other Side
by Sylvia Browne

It is little surprise that we love our pets so much. They are our constant companions and friends. Our pets give us unconditional love. Animals are very special, as their souls are simply perfect. Our pets come to Earth just to be with us. They have no other reason to be here than to spend their lives loving us and spending time enjoying life with us. What could be more beautiful than that?

I loved my dog Jolie, with all my heart. As an animal lover, you can imagine the pain I felt when the vet told me Jolie was not going to live. She had congestive heart failure and the doctor suggested we put her down. At the moment of her passing, I saw a magnificent swirl of white light. I closed my eyes and immediately saw Jolie running (not walking) through the tunnel that leads to The Other Side.

Losing a pet can be hard, as the love we feel for our pets is unconditional. Please take comfort, though, and even joy, that all animals live happily forever on The Other Side. They frolic and play while they wait for us. In fact, they are so excited to see us when we come over that they push everyone else out of the way to be first in line to welcome us Home.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By kathryn, Sunday, November 09, 2008 04:33:25 PM
thanks...i've taken your advice and am giving will a little extra tlc.
By Lynn, Sunday, November 09, 2008 07:47:25 AM
Kathryn, If William was the last one, then it is jealousy, a case of an intruder has entered our happy home. Give it time. Personally, I still feel it is this and all that William went through since it seems the behavior started after Amelia arrived. In time, all will be well, I am sure. It is obvious you are a cat lover so you know how to give them lots of love. Lynn
By kathryn, Friday, November 07, 2008 12:34:52 AM
Lynn, i hope that is all with william. I failed to mention I have 5 cats total. We got Pudding first then princess (they are the older of the group). Then came Peanut, William and amelia. Peanut and Will are both 3 years old and amelia was born march 1st of this year. No, I won't get rid of Amelia. I love her very much as I do all my kitties. I just worry that maybe something is "wrong" with willie. Hope you are right. Thanks for the reply.
By Lynn, Tuesday, November 04, 2008 08:57:55 AM
Dear Kathryn W.: It sounds like Will is jealous. He went through a lot with his surgery and then "got replaced" by an intruder. Will just needs lots and lots of attention. Don't forget about Amelia but give more attention to Will and give it first to reinforce that you are not replacing him. We got a kitten when our two cats were 10 years old. To the day the older girls passed away (almost 6 years), they always gave the kitten "a hard time". But, they would "play" with the kitten after time. They would rough house but always kept the kitten "in line". So, eventually they will more or less like each other. Don't give up. They will have many many years together and will be friends, although don't be surprised that if they know you are watching, they pick a fight with each other. It happened constantly in this house. So, take heart. Give Will a little extra attention and loving. All will be well. Don't get rid of the kitten under any circumstances. Just think of them as children, one is older and a new baby comes in. Same thing. All will be well. LR
By Lisa, Sunday, November 02, 2008 05:57:15 PM
Sylvia, thank you for posting this at a time when grief and loss is becoming such a constant in my life.I am a lifetime animal lover as having been raped repeatedly at the age of 5 by a sibling, it was my animals who gave me the unconditional love that I needed not to end my life in grade school. The pattern of abuse continued, even becoming my comfort zone, and always, I found the respite from my pain in my animals. Many times, MANY, I have been to the point where the only visible way to have a painfree life would be to take my life. However, always I was made to consider, who would care for my animals, who would love them like I do? This one thought has saved my live by my own hand time and time again. I love my animals so very much and the pain I am feeling right now is so overwhelming. In Oct 07, I lost my husband and friend of 21 years to Cancer at the age of 54. I had him home under hospice care and my cat spatz was so helpful. Whenever I would come into the room to sit with or medicate Bsrry, spitty would lay right outside the door. When I would leave the room, he would sit at Barrys bedside, as Barry didn't want him on the bed and spatz understanding chose to stay onthe chair by the bed to comfort him. In May of 08, I lost the childhood dream of mine, my male St Bernard, Beaudacious. I was devistated and truely could not tolerate the pain. However, through his death I was led to the baptismal font where I underwent full immersion baptism. Having worked with animals all my adult life in both veterinary medicine, and having owned a pet grooming shop for 13 years, I feel that each animal comes into your life to teach you something. Beaudacious, I feel, gave up his life to give me eternal life. In July 08, I lost my mother at the age of 85. Once again, I was reeling. And, the day of her memorial service, my kitty Spatz was attacked by a racoon and I lost him 13 days later. Had it not been for the 5 dogs, 1 cat, and bird still in my care, giving me my reason to live and love them as they have loved me, once again, death could have been my happiness. On Aug 15, 08 I was one of the many victims across the country of foreclosure. God bless him, my husband had established a small 401k for me and my animals and I needed a place to be so I cashed it in. Prior to moving, I had the rest of my animals to the vet for geriactric overhalls. Senior blood panels were run, urinalysis, x-rays where needed, dentals, teeth extractions, antibiotics, arthritis medication. I had tremendous concern for my Lhasa Apso Handsom, as I had an aquaintance helping me move that I believe kicked this gentle soul down a flight of stairs. My vet in San Diego determined, after substantial testing, that it was nuerological. A cat scan would have been an additional $1500.00 and where I had already put out $4000.00 of that afore mentioned 401k on veterinary bills, I had only $6000.00 left with which to relocate from my home of 15 years. With deposit, rent, utilities, and utility deposits in a different state, this was money I could not put out. It was determined however, that whatever was done to my little man resulted in a stroke, or brain bleed. Or, it could be a brain tumor or cancer. Whatever it was, almost 7 weeks ago, my little handsom man became paralyzed. He has continued to excercise his bladder and bowels, is eating and drinking, but because of lack of use, his muscle tone has disapated and he is real boney. When he has to potty, he tells me, I carry him outside and he goes, I clean him up and carry him back in. As I said before, I believe animals come into your life to teach you something, and I have never, in a human or an animal seen as tremendous an effort to live as I have in him. He has fought a hard battle and continues to. But, I have been searching for the answer for how long I let him keep fighting. I,ve told him what a gentle soul he is, have given him permission to go to Jesus. I told him, that although I will miss him, I will always, always love him. I told him of Gods perfect love and what is waiting for him,. I told him that Beaudacious and Spatz are there waiting for him but still, he won't go. So, tomorrow, 11-3 I have to love him enough to help him to Jesus and my heart is breaking. Once again, I realize that I can not go with him because I have other gentle souls, and they have more lessons to teach me that I must learn before i move on from this world, but I do believe that animals give so much love and happiness in this life that there is no way our God would not have them in heaven. If you do read this blog Sylvia, know first how greatful I am that you have given me this space to work out in my heart and mind what is to come. Also, should you take my question during your Nov web cast perhaps you can enlighten me as to what happened to Handsom at the hands of that guy, and if my animals come around me. I don't see them in my dreams, and I miss them all so. God Bless you and all who have loved and lost these 4 legged angels God sends to love, comfort and guide us all. Blessings, Lisa
By kathryn, Saturday, November 01, 2008 01:55:58 PM
Sylvia or your son Chris... I know that this is basically a comment page but I have a question. My cat william has always been a sweet gentle kitty. Earlier in the year he had to get an eye removed. June 1st i got a new kitten amelia. Will is very irritable and even swatted at me yesterday. He growls alot at me if he doesn't want to be touched and he attacks amelia. He is so irritable the past few months. Can you tell me why?? He is not the sweet kitty I used to know. Kathryn W. I hope you can help because I am very worried about him.
By Christine, Tuesday, October 28, 2008 11:35:59 PM
What happened to my cat, Cookie? We have been searching for him. We miss him. Will I ever see him again?
By sharon, Monday, October 27, 2008 08:16:44 PM
I had to put down my pet Louie and when I went home I laid down on my bed and I felt him jump on the bed where he would always lay near me. I have also seen him in my dreams and upon wakening he called to me.
By DENISE, Sunday, October 26, 2008 06:01:05 PM
Hi Sylvia, I lost Prancer, he was 13 when he passed and I was with him. He was my child, my constant companion out here on the road(I drive a truck)and from time to time I feel paws on my leg or laying on my feet. However I look over and both Charlie and Melody my Pugs with me are both asleep so I know it's Prancer saying hello. I know he is with the other pets (cats and dogs) I've loved and my Dad and other relatives on the other side waiting and playing until I come home too. Thank you for all you do for so many! Blessings always, Denise Horne, Charlie and Melody
By Tonyia, Friday, October 24, 2008 08:33:15 PM
Sylvia, Thank you for posting this one. I just recently lost all four of my bigger dogs (about 7 months ago) and it was due to poisoning as one of them came home and the other three did not. I miss them terribly (two of them in particular), but take comfort knowing that I have their son who is so loyal that he will not step foot out of the yard unless I am with him. I have also gotten another little girl, who acts the same way. Doc was my first that I let myself get attached to and wouldn;t hurt a flea and it almost killed me when he didn't come home. Then Lacie was my next to get attached to. She did come home and this is how we knew it was poisoning. Then along came Max, who also did not come home. Callie was my last addition and was pregnant, but I did not have her long enough to really become attached like I did with the other three, but even her not coming home had an affect on me. I am glad that they are on the other side, and hope that they may be waiting along with my mother and brother and his two dogs. None of these people/pets I got to say goodbye to and that gets to me every now and then, but I know that they are safe and out of their misery.

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