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The Meaning of Twin Flames
by Carla M. Blaha

Twin flames or Twin souls are often confused with soul mates. Twin Flames and Soul mates are different. A Twin Flame is the counterpart to one soul. Soul mates are groups of people you have different shared lifetimes with.

There have been references to Twin Flames dating back to Plato. Twin Flames are not always as romantic as they may sound. Each 1/2 of the soul has to experience many lifetimes and situations before they can make up one complete soul. Twin Flames are not ready to be together until each 1/2 has developed as far as they can. 

Remember the Soul is what is identical not the person. Often Twin souls can look very different and behave very differently. We need opposites to make a whole for example, yin and yang, negative and positive and day and night. 

Each soul half may be a polar opposite from the other but the love that they share is a love like no other. Itís rare in a lifetime to meet your Twin Flame. If you meet your Twin Flame it does not mean you end up together as a couple in that lifetime. They are conflicting opinions on whether Twin Flames are always male and female. Usually, male and female however, it is said that there is the possibility that 1/2 of the Twin Flames may be a certain gender in one lifetime but have significant physical and mental attributes of the opposite gender.

The Universe vibrates to the same frequency as the as the emotion of love. The love between Twin Flames is vastly increased as compared to other love. The love of Twin Flames is unconditional and eternal.

Carla Blaha is a spiritual writer who is an intuitive and Reiki Healer. She has studied and practiced Metaphysics for many years.

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