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The Positive Energy of Your Aura
by Sylvia Browne

Did you know that you can give the power of your own positive energy to those blocked by negativity?

Have you ever known a person to walk in and light up a room? Or perhaps you have seen someone who has the opposite effect. This is true because we all have an aura of light around us that reflects our attitudes. Some people have a positive aura while others give off negative vibes.

It is easy to increase the positive energy in your aura. Remember that your attitudes are contagious. Having a positive attitude will affect your aura and will also help to affect others around you. Be that "light" in the room that has the ability to cheer everyone up and boost the auras of those around you.

To raise your aura also use this positive affirmation every day:

Let my aura reflect gratitude, loyalty, and commitment to myself, those around me and my Creator.

Say this affirmation each day to increase the positive energy in your aura. As you use it, your aura will be filled will even more positive energy!

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Anne, Sunday, November 09, 2008 03:22:32 PM
Hi, Sylvia I hope you can help me find a away in life to be better.our life now is not going every well at this time no work,no food,cant pay any bills and my home of 17 years is in foreclosure.we are trying everything to keep our home we are so stressed out and cant think anymore.we are in our 60's and did enjoy life but not now.maybe if you can find it in your heart to help us guid us in the write way... e-mail anne spinelli bless you
By Jennifer, Saturday, November 08, 2008 10:26:56 PM
I am feeling like my energy is being depleted by those around me..especially my bf...he's going thru alot and taking it out on me...I feel so down anymore. I am truely a happy person that brings light into others lives but feel like i can't's deabilitating to my soul....I wish I was home on the otherside...not that I would make it happen but like there's too much hurt and sadness in this world anymore....any suggestions I'm drowning in a sea of my own tears brought on by others....Jenn
By kathryn, Friday, November 07, 2008 12:45:13 AM
Jeanette...maybe you can recommend your office mate the book called "the secret". I have a coworker like that also who complains about her health a lot. Sometimes when we are in poor health it's hard not to. But i like the whole idea of the law of attraction. What we think about comes about. Maybe if she read this book she may realize that she should be dwelling on the positive such as good health. Take care all. Kathy
By kathryn, Sunday, November 02, 2008 10:20:27 AM
Thanks for your response ginger.
By Christine, Sunday, November 02, 2008 09:07:23 AM
This is to Bec in Clarksville Tenn. I can very well relate to you, for I had a dark entity for 12 years. He literaly drained me of all my energy. I use to be a fun and energetic person loved life, had everything going for me and my daughter but he drained that from me. In the beginning of our relationship it was great he loved my daughter and my daughter at that time was 4 years old and she loved him, he would play with her, we did family things with her, he was her dad, everything was going so good for me and my daughter, he also has 2 boys but never would his ex let them come over to spend time with us, and she was his dark entity, and as years went by his dark entity would not let us live our lives, to make a long story short she ruined his life by getting him fired from his job so he couldn't pay his child support and in turn went to jail. Every time he would get out and get another job well she got him fired which of course ended him right back in jail for non payment of child support, she didn't want him with me so she thought that she could get him fired and put him and jail to keep him away from me and my daughter, which of course never worked, but it was so stressful on my end but I never gave up on us cause I knew that it wasn't his fault anyways 4 years into our relationship she finally gave up and started to let his boys come over and things were going good until I found out that he had a bad drug addiction, well I knew that he smoked marijuana and drank beer but that didn't bother me, cause most of my friends and family did so that was never the problem but it wasn't only that, he was doing hard core drugs and he became very addicted which he needed every day to survive, I put all my energy into him to help him overcome his drug addiction, and in turn had no energy or even give my daughter the attention that she needed and she needed me more than he did, and I thank God that my daughter who is now 16 does not resent me for that, she understood what I was trying to do for she loved him too. I never gave up on him, on us, cuase I knew that we could beat this devil together, and finally after 3 years of in and out of rahab he got the help that he needed, things started to go good for us once again, then his dark entity started to do again what she was so famous for doing, he ended up in jail once again because of her and when he got out, well it was back to square one and this time it was twice as hard cause now he didn't just drink the beer,and smoke marijuana and do hard cor drugs but it was voldka and the hard cor drugs and marijuana. I couldn't take it anymore and I didn't want to give up on us so I let him do his thing which of course got way out of control, and he started to drain me of all my energy I was always so tired didn't want to do anything or talk to anyone and after a while I finally told him to let the program know that he was in jail and to see if they would let him back on the program and he did just that, and they let him back in but it didn't end there cause he stopped the hard cor drugs but still smoked and drank marijuana ontop of his perscription that he took and that was no good, but here comes the good part I finally gave up and told him that I am through with trying to help him cause he really didn't want the help and you can't help a person if that person don't want to help themselves, so he has been gone now from me and my daughter life now for over a month, and I feel so much better about myself it's like a big wieght has been lifted off my shoulder's and I can move freely around without being wieghed downn, and I pray to God that he don't come back around and I pray to God that I have enough strength to tell him NO!!!!, cause I know that this isn't the end of him he will be back.
By Ginger, Tuesday, October 28, 2008 08:30:15 AM
Kathryn, wanted to comment on your question about Reiki. I took Reiki one classes for my daughter who was born with a malfunctioning left kidney. The power of the mind is a wonderful thing - if you find Reiki classes helps you as a conduit for God's healing energy - go for it - but we are all conduits to one degree or another. A wonderful book to read is "Whose Hands Are These" by Gene Edigio -a very powerful healing entity we are lucky to have on earth with us. As a wise friend once told me, "All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine you are a tube for God - that's as complicated as it gets" Good luck with your healing path Kathryn!! :)
By kathryn, Friday, October 24, 2008 11:53:16 PM
Thanks for your response karaokechris. Blessing to you also. Kathryn
By Ana, Friday, October 24, 2008 11:41:18 PM
A few yrs ago heard that one of my old high school friends was a drug addict and living on the streets begging for money. About a yr ago i started having dreams about her. In the dreams a was crying for her. She also didn't seem to recognize me. She looked really bad and i was trying to help her. I had about 3 or 4 dreams like that about her. The last dream i had about her she was well and happy. She knew me and was telling me that she was fine now. I haven't dreamed about her since and till this day i still think about her. I wonder if she passed away and that was her spirit telling me that she is no longer suffering because she is home now.
By Bec, Friday, October 24, 2008 04:59:42 PM
Perhaps someone out there can benefit from my advise although I am no where as brilliant as Sylvia. But sometimes personal experience can sometimes be useful. I was married for 16 years to a dark entity. There was always so much negativity in our home that the house itself would 'open' doors to release the buildup. Anyways, after sending positive after positive, I was getting drained and tired because I was using my personal energy. Finally, I listened to the voice in my head and asked Mother/Father God to send me the energy. I learned it's much easier to be a channel for their love and energy than to use my own energy. So, when you are faced with negativity, ask for help from the Other Side. Perhaps start your day with a prayer of "Mother/Father God and host of Angels, allow me to be a channel this day for your love." There is nothing more positive. Bec in Clarksville TN
By KaraokeChris, Friday, October 24, 2008 02:15:57 PM
I changed my screen name, so there wouldn't be further confusion...anyway it's been my nickname for 15 years. God bless all of you.

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