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Visiting The Hall of Meditation
by Sylvia Browne

The Other Side is filled with many beautiful halls and temples for us to enjoy. One of these halls is the Hall of Meditation.

After many people pass over, meet their loved ones, and visit the other temples that orient them to The Other Side, they find it comforting to go into the Hall of Meditation for prayer and to rejuvenate their minds. Lots of them will bring their programming from life with them, such as the need to use rosaries, prayer cards, worry beads, and the like. Some will kneel, and others will pray and bow to the east with their foreheads to the floor. This is all more than acceptable, but as time goes by, such habits will essentially drop away.

The Hall of Meditation is a medium-sized temple with long, rectangular shape, along with many columns supporting it both outside and in. It's extremely peaceful inside, with soft blue light that seems to emanate from the interior columns permeating throughout. There's a larger open space in the middle of the hall, but along the sides are small enclosed cubicles where people can go and tune in to heavenly music or just be alone and contemplate God's love and all the wonders and joys that abound in creation. Each cubicle has a window, through which one can hear the waterfall outside, or it can be kept closed for absolute silence.

This Hall is one where people go to pay honor to our Creators, which isn't much different from paying homage to God in this life. Everyone visits most of the temples many times, so they can gain a greater understanding or be of greater help to others, or even to garner a greater sense of peace and consciousness for their own souls. Please remember that we never stop growing or learning, even when we're on the Other Side.

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Consuelo, Thursday, August 14, 2008 12:28:07 AM
I hav' had my share of romances in my life time, nothing that ever stuck. but now at my age,,(62)I live alone, will I ever find a good friend or closer?, there not that many good men out there any more, and fact is that I live in a very very small town..that does not help any. So do I still have a chance or is all hope lost, because sometimes all I want is someone to talk to, go to dinner or out fishing, maybe a movie or just to sit and listen to music and say nothing but just to know someone is there for you. I know sometime I can be a royalpain, but I'm Virgo...Thanks love you Ms Browne and thanks for this website.your truly CDW

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