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Do All Pets Go To Heaven?

by Sylvia Browne

Anyone that knows me truly knows just how important my pets have been over the years. The loss of a beloved pet can hit you just as deeply as the loss of just about anyone else in your life. Our pets are our beloved companions and friends—they are always by our side, ready to listen.


Many people have asked me if their pets really do go to heaven. If animals are on The Other Side. They are always relieved to discover that the answer is "yes." You will be reunited with your pet on The Other Side when you go Home. They will meet you and they will be as lively and as full of personality as they ever were when you step out of the Tunnel.


My new book All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love is coming out January 2009. In this book I discuss just how spiritual animals truly are. Some may not realize this, but animals need to learn no spiritual lessons: they actually come to Earth just to live their lives with us. When you think about it, it is so meaningful to know that your pet is here only to live their life with you. Animals are pure and their hearts are full of love. 

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Michelle, Saturday, May 10, 2008 05:41:36 PM
Dear Sylvia... I was able to log into the website to view your live web cast, however, having dial-up isn’t the best and I kept on getting “error” messages or “service unavailable.” Hopefully, I will be able to view it on the website. I just wanted to say, that I am looking forward to your book about “Pets in Heaven” this coming January. I’ve always had pets, mostly dogs. This past January 26th, I had to put my beloved “Westie” down after having him for (15) years. His full name was “Spencer Windsor Montgomery” but I just called him Spencer. I wanted to share my story with you about Spencer. I had a “Yorkie” named “Arthur Berkley St. James” who I just called “Arthur” Why the long names you may ask? Because when I registered both animals with “AKC”, I didn’t want their registered name to have a number after it because they may have had so many dogs with the same name. So, by giving such a distinctive name prevented the number after the name. I had “Arthur” for (13) years. He was very loving. Due to him getting sick rather quickly with, cancer, a collapsed lung and diabetes and because he was so old, the doctor suggested we put him down. During the year we lost “Arthur”, my grandmother passed-on and my sister and her family moved to Alaska. So, it was a rather sad year. Three months had passed and my mother said, “You know the house is too quiet. We need another dog.” That’s when we got Spencer. We were at the pet store and I was holding this “Carin Terrier” in my hands saying how cute he was as he was peeing on me...when my mother spotted Spencer. My mother said, “You Always Wanted a Westie.” We went into that small room in the pet store where the pet takes on their new owners and wins them over with their adorable/loveable self. Once inside, we were trapped. He had my mother wrapped around his paws. However, down the would be me wrapped around those paws. Once we got Spencer home I was very excited only for it to fade away. I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t so excited. Although Spencer was a mama’s boy, he took to me right away. I didn’t hate or dislike him...I wasn’t warm to him in the beginning. My mother said, “It’s obvious you don’t like this dog. We are going to have to ship him to Alaska to be with your sister.” That very night when my mother made that remark, Spencer would get out of his room and come into my bedroom to sleep with me in the middle of the night. I said, “I should have named you Houdini. How did you get out of your room?” Only to find out that he chewed his way thru the vinyl baby gate. So with giving in to his quick escape routine (3) times thru the baby gate that night...I let him sleep on the bed with me. Well, that night I had a dream that I let him out the backdoor so he could go into the backyard. He walked down the steps and started to walk away only to turn around to look at me and that’s when he took the form of my Yorkie “Arthur.” As that happened I got the message from him saying “Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Not Him.” Well, all the feelings that I was or wasn’t feeling came rushing to me. I awoke the next morning and told my mother the dream I had. She said, “You never gave yourself enough time to grieve over losing Arthur and you have to realize that Spencer has his own personality.” With that worldly advice (thanks Mom), I immediately felt so bad for feeling the way I did towards Spencer. Well, during Spencer’s first 4 years, my mother got to enjoy him. She was sick with “Cancer” and he knew it. As I was home taking care of her, he would lay on the bed with her. As she got sicklier, he would move further down the bed only to end up lying underneath it on her side with his nose poking out from the dust ruffle so she knew she was there. The first time I ever left the house after my Mom passed-on, I put him in his room and he looked at me with fear in his eyes and I told him, “I will be back.” I always told him that I would be back to reassure him. Well, the remaining (11) years with him were truly the best. I considered him to be my (4) legged-son and my love for him grew each day. He was with me when I needed him the most and both of us went thru it together. Now that he’s gone, the house is quiet again and my heart is broken and the tears don’t stop. I hope that he will be there waiting for me. Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and knowing that Spencer is with her now, makes tomorrow a little more bearable.
By Debra, Saturday, May 10, 2008 04:25:46 PM
Hello, Sylvia I am so happy to see this website. I was so upset when I heard that Montel was going off the air. He has done so many positive things for so many people over the years.And every week people came to see you to get advice and guidance with many problems. I have learned so much from your books. I anxiously wait for each new book to come out. When my son was 4 years old he got up one morning and told me and my husband that Keisha slept with him all night. Keisha was one of my beautiful cats that had died when my son was 3 years old. I told him that he was dreaming; and heinsisted that he was awake and then described how she purred loud and crawled under the covers and always slept on or very close to his feet. He even told us how she played with the covers. My son will be 20 years old in June and he remembers that dream. I believe that she was there that night to visit. I gave my son your book on Animals and he read it and smiled. I am looking forward to the October conference in Tampa. Sylvia Thank You for everything you do. Debbie
By maryellen, Saturday, May 10, 2008 04:02:20 PM
Hi Sylvia, I tried and tried to connect to your webcast today but sad to say it didn't allow me to get in so I missed out. I regestered yesterday and so looked forward to seeing and hearing you. I have admired you greatly for so many years. Sylvia,could you please tell me what I should do about my living arrangements. I have been living with my present room-mate, also female, for 32 yrs. She is now 81 yrs. of age and is extremely difficult to live with. she's very negative and critical about everything. I am just the opposite, enjoy people, have no trouble making friends. I worked in a Retirement Village for 16 yrs. taking care of the "old" folks until I realized I was catching up in age to them. I retired 4 yrs. ago when I was 69. I am not good at living alone but living with my room-mate is very trying! I can't afford to rent an apt. on my own and cannot find another person to share the rent and half of all other expenses. I am really worn down from all the negativity and criticizims from my 81 yr. old roomie. Please help me out since I don't know what to do. It's hard to find an apt. that is pet friendly since I am privledged to share my life with my beloved dog (ii yr.old female silky terrier)Cody. I am on a small fixed income. Please dear, would you please let me know what I should do and also what my future holds for me. Many, many thanks. Love, maryellen. I think you are wonderful.
By Harriet, Saturday, May 10, 2008 03:34:31 PM
My dog Coco was diagnoised with Leptospirosis. At first they kept saying she had Cushings Desiese. Coco was very ill and not getting better. The lady vet had a blood test done on her but had it done using her dogs name. Her dog had just died. I should have seen the warning sign but didn't. We were told coco had Lepto. We gave her all kinds of medication. She didn't get any worse but didn't get better. We kept her at home. The vet said she would tells us if coco had to be put down. I said NO. One month later she called, without seeing coco, said it was time to put her down. I said NO. My husband said we had to listen to the vet and do it. I had no choice in the matter. The day we were taking her, she was lying on the patio and a hummingbird came close to her. NONE had ever come before. I should have seen the sign. As we were taking her to the vet, she kept turning around and crying to me in the back seat, she never did that before. I said, please we need to take her back home. Coco is not dying, she will get better. My husband kept on going and would not take her back home. My heart was breaking, I knew she was trying to tell me she was getting better. The vet said I was mean and ugly if I didn't watch coco being put down. They brought her outside on the grass to put her down and there I sat panic stricken and sick. They gave her the deadly shot and she was gone. But I thought I saw her move, the vet and my husband said I was nuts. My heart was crushed because I knew she was not ready to die, she WAS getting better. But my husband couldn't stand the bills nor the day and night care she needed. He had enough of it all. He just didn't believe hard enough, nor did he love her the way I did. To this day, I keep seeing her crying to me in the car and remembering the hummingbird too. Its been 3 years now and I still feel like I killed her. Worse yet, 3 days later I found out from a teacher at the University of Pennsylvania that teaches new Vets, Coco didn't have to die, no dog dies of lepto. There was treatment for it but we were not told. Plus he wondered how she got it in the first place. He ask if I was going to sue, I said no, it wouldn't bring my precious coco back. Two weeks later, the two vets were transfered to another place. We could never find out where. I still cry because I allowed them to put her down. My husband gets angry at me for it. I have a pain in my heart always because I didn't see the signs from God, that coco was going to be fine. I will always know that my husband and that vet had the day all planned. I said no, so she called him and he said yes. Please always listen to your heart and fight for what you know is right for your pet. My coco should still be here. I can't get rid of those terrible feelings. I let them kill my wonderful coco.
By maryellen, Saturday, May 10, 2008 03:26:50 PM
By Judy, Saturday, May 10, 2008 03:21:45 PM
Hello my beloved Sylvia! How I wish I could get a reading from you in your busy life. But I have been turned away....I had to put my beloved Australian Cattle dog, Dahmingo down as she was suffering badly from cancer...I felt like I "killed" my best friend who was the only one who loved me. We were so close, always together...I am crying as I type this. It has been 4 yrs now and I still cannot get over her death...why can I NOT feel her presence? Did she understand why I had to put her down? I wished I was over there with her as my life is neutral here...just existing...why? I LOVE you Sylvia and tho we have never met, I feel tied in with you so much....Judy
By Brenda, Saturday, May 10, 2008 03:08:46 PM
Hey Sylvia, I just watched your webcast, it was amazing. I recently lost two of my very young, beloved cats (Mildred and Irish)to the other side within a 2 week span in April. I had no idea they were ill and suffered from two completely different illnesses. Why did I loose both of them in such a short 2 week period? It was a shock and I mourn them greatly. Brenda :)
By Barbara, Saturday, May 10, 2008 11:56:26 AM
Sylvia, I have read several of your books and enjoyed each one. Thank you for all you are doing.About 7 years ago I received a phone call from my mother who said that she just seen a large brown rabbit playing in the field outside her home it reminded her of Bubb.. I asked her how Buba was doing? Bubba is her 18 year old rabbit. Well Mom said she had not checked him yet this morning but he was ok last night. I suggested she check on him that I believed that it was him saying goodby to her. Since Bubba being very old and not in good health it was expected that he would go soon. I waited on the phone as she checked. Soon I heard an excited voice saying Bubba is gone and your right it was him saying goodby. Mom started crying and said this has never happened to me before why am I now seeing him? You have told me several time of seeing those who have passed on, as have others in our family. I just thought I would never be able to see them. I told Mother that Bubba felt she was special and wanted her to know he was ok. After much crying Mom said I always wanted to believe but was afraid to now I do. We have had many pets in our family most of them I have seen at one time or the other.I thank you for this blog and the chance to share. I wait for your new book release.God Bless : )
By J, Saturday, May 10, 2008 01:08:11 AM
My mother died 11 years ago. She has appeared to my daughter many times with messages. On one occasion, she appeared with a fancy poodle on a leash.(painted toenails and bows,well groomed)She told my daughter to tell me that she would take care of him until I got there. I did have a poodle as a child, although mine was gray and this one was white. I had an out of body experience which involved dogs, one of which I recognized as another dog I once owned, but, again, the fur color was different. I have no doubts that our pets are waiting for us. Thank God! Janette
By Scribes, Friday, May 09, 2008 09:41:37 AM
About 3 years ago, we found a stray kitten in our backyard, yowling for food. We tried to help her by catching her and taking her to the vet, but it was closed. So we kept her overnight in our garage, and gave her food and a litter-box and water. Next day, we were ready to take her to an animal shelter to find her a home -- but then we thought maybe she wouldn't make it in her condition, so to the vet we went. Three years later, 'Karma' is alive and well, and a terrific cat and friend. :-)

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