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Do All Pets Go To Heaven?

by Sylvia Browne

Anyone that knows me truly knows just how important my pets have been over the years. The loss of a beloved pet can hit you just as deeply as the loss of just about anyone else in your life. Our pets are our beloved companions and friends—they are always by our side, ready to listen.


Many people have asked me if their pets really do go to heaven. If animals are on The Other Side. They are always relieved to discover that the answer is "yes." You will be reunited with your pet on The Other Side when you go Home. They will meet you and they will be as lively and as full of personality as they ever were when you step out of the Tunnel.


My new book All Pets Go To Heaven: The Spiritual Lives of the Animals We Love is coming out January 2009. In this book I discuss just how spiritual animals truly are. Some may not realize this, but animals need to learn no spiritual lessons: they actually come to Earth just to live their lives with us. When you think about it, it is so meaningful to know that your pet is here only to live their life with you. Animals are pure and their hearts are full of love. 

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Shannon, Tuesday, May 06, 2008 12:14:06 AM
Do pets grieve? We lost our dog recently, and our other dog didn't seem to handle it well. In fact, he actually "lost the plot" a bit and attacked our child. This has caused a fair amount of grief, as we have now lost two dogs in just a few short weeks (had to get rid of our other dog after this). I was wondering if the attack came out of grief, or just not knowing how to "act" now that his friend is gone.
By fredrick, Saturday, May 03, 2008 07:51:42 PM
PEACE,GRACE be wiyh you syliva, i have a dog named snoopy she was not mine too begin with but my stepson was not to have anything to do with her so she was mine to take as my own. at first i treated her not so loving always outside chained up but as the years went on my heart softened too her she was getting older and i dont have kid,s of my own my wife,s three kid,s and 1 adopted became my kid,s and i love them as if they were mine.they all are on there own and snoopy became a inside dog and truely spoiled she is now 13 and very saddens me because i made her that way i know as she get,s older the weight is going to make her life miserable,and i hope she wont hold it against me on the other side?I truely love her and when i come home from work we embrace with love and happiness.when she does go home i will truely be saddend,will cry as she was human your,s in christ fred myers.
By Karen, Friday, May 02, 2008 11:07:45 PM
My husband and I have fostered animals for about 10 years, will they all be waiting for us when we go home?
By kyle, Friday, May 02, 2008 01:09:49 PM
Hi Sylvia, I had to tell you about my Teddy Boy. He was only 4 months when I lost him. He had 9 bouts of where his blood sugar would drop and he would go into shok and would have to take him in to the ER for them to help him. The 9th time he went in he never came home. I felt so lost without him. I still have his mom and dad Will & Grace. The day I went to pick up his little body I heard a little voice say "Ill come back to you" I thought I was hearing things. Well Gracie had more puppies this March and the only boy she had looked just like Teddy in every way and when he went over to my daughters house he was the only one that knew where the food bowl was in the kitchen and went right to it. I do think he came back to me.
By Blake, Friday, May 02, 2008 03:10:25 AM
Hello Sylvia, I just wanted to thank you for all your books and knowledge. I have learned so much. I always finish your books to fast and wait in agony for the next one*Laughs*. Again, thank you for taking the time to care and inform others that they don’t have to worry about being themselves as long as they have good intentions. I look forward to seeing you at your lecture in St. Louis, Mo! Lots of Love Blake
By Michelle, Wednesday, April 30, 2008 10:48:25 PM
Hi Sylvia, I love you and hope you are doing well. I had a dog named "Alta" who I loved as my first born. She was taken from me suddenly by being hit by a car. I thought I hear her every once in a while. I believe she is still around to watch over my young son. My question is will my son and I have our own place and not have to worry about our finances? When will this be?
By Irene, Wednesday, April 30, 2008 09:17:00 PM
I just lost a beloved dog "Hershey" a couple of months ago. My husband and I have felt the loss but are not ready to get another dog. I have seen Hershey in dreams and one instance I actually had a beautiful still colored image of Hershey that just took my breath away. I believe it was Hershey letting me know that he was alright and that he loved me.
By sonia, Wednesday, April 30, 2008 09:16:35 PM
i have had many animals and i loved them all. i just lost my dakota and i kept seeing him after his passing ... i know he is ok, but since he was with other before us i was wondering if he is with my father and the other animals we had? i know he was greatful for what we did for him maybe that is why i kept seeing him after his passing. he shedded alot and every once and a while one of his hairs would float down in front of me .. is that him doing that or someone else.. thanks
By RAFFAELA, Wednesday, April 30, 2008 09:08:40 PM
By RAFFAELA, Wednesday, April 30, 2008 09:08:21 PM

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