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What is Ectoplasm?
by Carla Blaha

Ectoplasm is a term that came about in the 1920ís during the rise in the Spiritualist movement. Coined by Charles Richet, in 1923 the word ectoplasm derives from the Greek word, ektos meaning outside and plasma meaning formed. 

Ectoplasm is a substance that some physical mediums are said to be able produce via spirit. A Physical Medium is a medium that has the ability to allow spirit to go through them and manipulate energy to move tables, make sounds, or change temperatures. The ectoplasm usually comes out of the nose, mouth or ear of the physical medium. The substance is usually off white (but can be other colors) and gauze or slime like. A deceased persons face or body may appear in the ectoplasm.

The Ectoplasm may make it easier for the spirit to come through and materialize in the same way that cameras, lights, and other forms of energy help spirit gain access to our world. 

There have been many fraudulent cases of ectoplasm over the years. Ectoplasm is not as popular today as it was in the 1920ís and 1930ís, but demonstrations still exist. Physical mediums usually conduct this in a dimly lit room in front of an audience. They are several well-known and reputable mediums today who have claimed to have seen demonstrations of ectoplasm. 

It is said that there has to be the right mix of energy in the room for this to occur and that ectoplasm will not display in a room of naysayers. Once again, belief plays a huge role in metaphysical experiences. It seems we can experience the extraordinary if only we could believe. 

Carla Blaha is a spiritual writer who is an intuitive and Reiki Healer. She has studied and practiced Metaphysics for many years.

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