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When The Other Side Visits Us During Our Dreams
by Sylvia Browne

Im not sure anything enriches and confuses our dreams more than those people we choose to "cast" in the tragedies, occasional comedies, historical dramas, and travelogues our subconscious minds produce for us while we sleep. The oddest collection of characters can show up, some we recognize, some we dont, some were not sure about, appearing and disappearing, sometimes for the most obvious reasons and sometimes for no apparent reason at all, leaving us to wake up feeling fairly sure someone we spent time with during the night was trying to tell us something, if we could just figure out what it was.

Adding to the mystery and the intrigue is the fact that the people we summon, seek out, meet with, and envision during sleep are there for our purposes, at our insistence, as themselves and as archetypes, not just because of who they are but because of who they are to us.

"My deceased grandmother came to me out of nowhere," writes R.F. "She took my arm to stress the importance of what she was about to telepathically tell me. I was to contact Sylvia Browne to ask her about 'him.' Alive my abuelita only spoke Spanish, but telepathically she spoke perfect non-accented English. I got the feeling that 'him' was a reference to the boyfriend I recently broke up with, but Im open to any other thoughts of who "him" might be.

This is a wonderful example of bringing in the heavy artillery while we sleep to make a point were reluctant to consciously accept. R.F. knows perfectly well that the "him" her grandmother was concerned about is her ex-boyfriend. She knows hes emotionally dangerous to her and potentially physically dangerous as well, and that he has no intention of staying away permanently. Most of all, she knows that, left to her own devices, she might not have the strength of will to continue resisting him if hes relentless enough and manipulative enough, especially since hes so familiar with her weaknesses and how to use them against her. And so, rather than rely on her own sometimes clouded judgment (like all of ours from time to time, lets face it), she summoned her grandmother, her abuelita, the person she trusted most, someone whod always had R.F.s best interests at heart, someone whose wisdom, strength and love she knew could empower her, someone who would never let something as trivial as "death" keep her away. Like the vast majority of messages received while we sleep, R.F.s experience wasnt a dream. It was an astral meeting between her and her grandmother, as real as any of the frequent conversations shed had about her ex-boyfriend with "living" family and friends, with the advantage that she and Abuelita could speak volumes with the simple telepathic message about "him."

Sylvia Browne is without question, "America's #1 Psychic," an internationally known psychic and medium.

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By Suzanne, Thursday, December 18, 2008 12:29:03 PM
Hi Sylvia~You are a very Blessed individual. The 1st time I saw you on Montel I got the same feeling I get when I commune with Holy Spirit. I often am visited in my dreams by many of my family who have gone Home. I used to deliver newspapers and I once delivered almost my whole route while asleep. I saw my dad leaning on a mailbox smiling & waving to me. At that point my concious self slammed on the brakes and I stopped 1 foot away from an old oak tree that was wider around than my 77 Ford LTD Station Wagon across. I would really love to know my spirit guide's name~If you could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for everything you do and all that you are. LOVE~ prayers~FAITH~belief~HOPE Suzanne
By terrie, Wednesday, December 17, 2008 11:16:07 PM
Sylvia, Hello My name is Terrie Wright I'm 27 years of age and since my last gyno surgery in 2005 my weight has ballooned up. I have tried to get help with this weight and have tried everything i could get my hands on. I remember back before I changed doctors my other doctor told me in straight terms I was the healthiest FAT person he had ever saw. Well now my health has went down I have became unemployeed, to obese to drive or even get out the house. I hardly go anywhere and when I do it take a parade of people to get me in and out of the vehicals. I had a dream and saw my own death at 30!!!!!! And then they doctors found out something was wrong with me but I awoke before I found out. I have lost a great family friend whom weighed over 900lbs at death. I DO NOT WANT THIS FOR MYSELF. Please will have the surgery or get the help I need for weight problems? Please tell me what I need to tell them to look for or something I'm just at my wits end with it. I have other question however this is the one I would love to have answer more than anything else. Thanks so much everything you and everything you will. Much love and happiness. Terrie
By Kimberley, Saturday, December 13, 2008 12:56:47 AM
Thanks so much for posting this Sylvia! I have been baffled when certain people who have passed have come into my dreams because a couple of them weren't friends or relatives of mine. They were relatives of my friends (well, close boyfriends who am I kidding lol!) The dreams were a bit weird to me at first, but I knew what they were saying-- they wanted to tell me about their kid and have me forgive those boyfriends for their shortcomings. It was really sweet since I didn't really get to know the parent who died very well (they died before I really got to know them in this life). This blog has really put my mind at ease. You have a way of making me calm down and really seeing things for what they truly are and I thank you for doing that. I've never had a spiritual teacher like a priest in my life for very long-- it's always been my Grandma in my life. But you have been a nice, stabling, and constant force in my life. Thank you! Kim

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