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My specialty is love, but I can assist you in any area with my intuitive gifts and my Tarot cards. I...
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*MASTER* Medium Jozette. Multi-Generational psychic/medium with over 20 years experience in deliveri...
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I am a highly successful psychic who assists individuals by providing unique readings, consultations...
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Kind and compassionate Tarot reader who works hard at giving you insight and clarity to your situati...
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I am highly attuned psychic, dedicated to solving life's difficulties and elevating the life conditi...
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Ben, The Dream Psychic, is a sensitive and Tarot card reader who delivers the goods through careful ...
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A recognized teacher who, with her understanding of Universal Law and vibration, has enabled her cli...
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Amazing! Love, difficult relationships, money, career and more: deeply grounded and skilled at revea...
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I am a highly successful psychic who assists individuals by providing unique readings, consultations...
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Lucian is accurate, caring and dedicated to helping you manifest all that you desire!
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I've used angel cards and chakra cards with my "clair-gifts" to gain a deeper understanding of the e...
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I specialize in helping unique, amazing people find their path. I look forward to giving you the gui...
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I've been a master psychic for 30 years & I specialize in reuniting lovers & seeing details that oth...
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I have read Tarot cards most all of my adult life. I can help you with intuitive Tarot card readings...
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I am here to help bring balance and harmony into your life. This is my gift to you. Please accept ...
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You did not choose me by "COINCIDENCE" I strive to provide honest and meaningful answers to your que...
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I am so happy that you have been drawn to me and I would like to send you my blessings of love and l...
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My gift of being a clairvoyant and a psychic gives me the ability to link with you both on an emotio...
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Horoscope Articles
Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn Affect You?

How Will The Lunar Eclipse Affect You Zodiac Sign?

The first lunar eclipse of 2010 is in the sign of Capricorn on June 26th. How will this important event, taking place in the Grand Cross configuration, affect you?
Tips to Chill Out for Your Zodiac Sign

Tips for Chilling Out During Summer 2010

This is going to be quite a stressed out summer for most signs. What's the best way to chill out and relax this summer for your zodiac sign?
Fashion Zodiac Summer of 2010

Summer 2010 Zodiac Fashion Guide

The Summer of 2010 promises to be a hot and steamy one. Here is a look at what each sign should wear this summer to be fashionable.
New Moon in Gemini

How Will the New Moon in Gemini Affect You?

The New Moon in Gemini takes place today. What will this mean for your day?
Use Astrology to Pick Your Wedding Day

Wedding Stars: Using Astrology to Pick Your Wedding Date!

When should a person get married according to the stars? Here's how to use astrology to pick the best wedding date.
Mercury Entering Gemini

What Does Mercuryís Entrance Into Gemini Hold For You?

On June 9th, Mercury joins the Sun in the sign of Gemini, which means that some of the somber and restrictive influences caused by the Neptune Retrograde in Aquarius and Saturn in Virgo will be mitigated.
Mars Opposing Neptune - June 4

How Will Mars Opposing Neptune Affect You Today?

Today, Mars in Leo opposes Neptune in Aquarius causing a lot of havoc in our personal lives. What will this mean for you?
Neptune Retrograde - May 31, 2010

What Will Neptune's Retrograde Bring Your Sign?

On May 31st, the planet Neptune is moving backwards in Aquarius until November 7, 2010. How will the Neptune Retrograde affect you?
Saturn Retrograde Ends - Saturn Turns Direct

How To End of Saturn Retrograde Affects You

On May 30, 2010, the planet Saturn is going to turn direct and bring a much need break to most signs. How will the end of the Saturn Retrograde affect you?
Full Moon in Sagittarius

What Does the Full Moon In Sagittarius Have in Store For You?

A Full Moon in Sagittarius is usually a jolly time filled with opportunities for social climbing and travel. What's in store today for your zodiac sign?
Jupiter Opposing Saturn

How Does Jupiter Opposing Saturn Affect Your Sign

On May 22nd, a configuration called a Grand Cross is forming in the sky. This configuration is usually very significant and bodes big changes in our personal lives.
Mother's Day Forecast for Your Zodiac Sign

Mother's Day Astrology Forecast for 2010

This year Mother's Day is on Sunday, May 9th, 2010. What's your forecast for Mother's Day?
Your Mom's Personality by Zodiac Sign

What's Your Mom's Zodiac Personality?

Just for fun and in honor of Motherís Day this Sunday, why not take a look at this light-hearted look at you or your Momís personality according to her astrology sign.
Ceres Retrograde

How Will Ceres Retrograde Affect Your Sign?

Ceres is an asteroid, named after a hearth goddess, that symbolizes nurturing ability, unconditional love, and family attachments, but when it goes backwards in the sky, this is a time when your nurturing will need to be turned inward.
Sun and Chiron in Taurus

How Will The Sun and Chrion in Taurus Affect You?

Today, both the Sun and Chiron enter the domestically inclined, family loving, and very stubborn sign of Taurus. What does this mean for your zodiac sign?

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