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Horoscope Articles
Mercury Goes Direct

How Mercury Going Direct Today Affects You?

Mercury goes direct on September 12th after being retrograde (moving backwards) in the sign of Virgo since August 20, 2010. How will this affect you?
Stray Moon Libra

How Will the Stray Moon in Libra Affect Your Sign?

A stray moon in Libra arrives today. As Libra is the sign that usually symbolizes beauty, there may be some kind of "ugly" incident that mars the day somehow.
Stray Moon in Taurus

What Does the Stray Moon In Taurus Hold for Your Sign?

When the moon in Taurus strays on the evening of August 31st, you can expect things to go a bit awry. This is a stubborn sign that has a serious shadow side.
Full Moon in Pisces

The Meaning of the Full Moon In Pisces

On August 24th, a Full Moon in Pisces occurs. Intuition, coincidences, and imaginative journeys are ruled by this moon. The Pisces Full Moon is always a positive one that makes you feel that anything is possible.
Mercury Retrograde

What Does the August Mercury Retrograde on Hold For You?

Mercury turns retrograde in the sign of Virgo on August 20th until September 12, 2010. This is going to be a time when past efficiencies are going to plague everyone.
Best Ways To Exercise for Your Zodiac Sign

Best Ways To Entertain Each Zodiac Sign

Are you looking to entertain friends, family, or that someone special ths holiday season? Check out this guide for the best ways to entertain each zodiac sign.
Stray Moon in Scorpio on August 15th

What Does Stray Moon in Scorpio Mean For You?

The moon strays in Scorpio in the early morning hours of August 14th. The reason this is significant this August is because it happens in conjunction with a very intense transiting Jupiter that is in opposition to Saturn.
Ceres Retrogade Ends August 8th

What Does Ceres Going Direct Hold For Your Sign?

On August 8, the asteroid Ceres goes direct. It has been in retrograde motion since April 7th and causing all kinds of problems on the domestic home front, with money and also with relationships.
Mars Oppsing Pluto and Jupiter

What Does Mars Opposing Pluto and Jupiter Hold For You?

On August 3 and 4th, 2010, Mars goes through some convolutions that could put us through a lively couple of days.
Full Moon in Aquarius

How the Full Moon in Aquarius Will Impact Today

There is a full moon in Aquarius today. When the moon is in Aquarius, everyone has a chance to discover their private attitudes and feelings and define their real attitudes.
Meaning of Jupiter Retrograde

How Will Jupiter Retrograde Affect Your Zodiac Sign

On July 23rd, Jupiter, the planet of wealth, starts moving backwards through the sky and it will continue in that backwards position until November 18, 2010. Traditionally, this means money shortages.
Total Solar Eclipse - July 11

How Will July 11th Total Solar Eclipse Affect You?

A Total Solar Eclipse will occur on July 11, 2010. This is expected to be a strongly emotional eclipse that will affect a lot of relationships. What will it mean for you?
Meaning of Eclipses

The Meaning of an Eclipse

An eclipse occurs when the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun or the Moon stands between the Sun and the Earth. In advance of this weekend's Solar Eclipse, learn about the meaning of eclipses.
Uranus Retrograde - July 5, 2010

How Will the Uranus Retrograde Affect Your Sign?

This year, the planet Uranus goes backwards on July 5th and then it stays in itís retrograde up until December 5th, 2010. Will you be able to cope?
Mercury in Pluto on June 27th

How Will Mercury Opposing Pluto Affect You

When Mercury opposes Pluto on 27th, many of us will be dealing with conflicts caused by planetary clashes that occurred in the days before. What do these events hold for you?

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