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February - Gemini

It could feel as though youíre swamped with work duties or school assignments, thanks to the planets during the first week of February. This increase in your work load might not seem easily manageable, but promising yourself a lovely treat afterwards will help you plod through to the 14th when things really improve!

Watch out for the little signs of rising tension as the month progresses over a sensitive or touchy matter. You might think youíre sailing through the weeks, but the evidence for developing strain will be there. Donít ignore it; address it as soon as possible and youíll be the one who ends up looking good!

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Monthly Star Ratings
Love 4
Money 4
Mood 3
Style 3

Monthly Compatibility Signs
Love: Pisces
Friendship: Virgo

Monthly Numbers
7, 28, 36, 41, 43, 49