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January - Virgo

Feelings and thoughts will be fairly deep from the start and a Jupiter/Saturn clash suggests that this reflective approach will benefit your personal relationships, although your work-based contacts may require a bit more input. One specific relationship looks set to improve massively if you pay attention to the planetary guidance, although the 19th is a day to perhaps divert all your time and energy to a work-matter! Virgoans are not known to be possessive signs, but given that itís likely to be a month where feelings will start to deepen and solidify, you may need to watch out for being a little too abrasive or a little too exacting. Thereís a strong planetary suggestion that one specific relationship will have the potential to undergo some positive changes. The key word for this is patience!

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Monthly Star Ratings
Love 5
Money 4
Mood 3
Style 3

Monthly Compatibility Signs
Love: Libra
Friendship: Gemini

Monthly Numbers
6, 14, 27, 33, 37, 44