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Zodiac Love Matcher


This lively relationship is full of friendly competition and energy. These quick-thinking,
innovative signs love to delve into out-there topics and toss around exciting ideas.
Conversation could run non-stop, and their social calendar could be packed. Passion
could be a stumbling block, at least in the beginning. At times, Aries may wish cool
Aquarius would warm up, and Aquarius may pray that hotheaded Aries would just chill
out. They'll both have to check their temperatures if they want to keep the fever burning.

Both signs are competitive, ambitious and love to win. They react impulsively and
decisively to most things; ideas are their fuel. They have strong wills and highly defined
personalities—they prize their individuality, and are usually born with a star quality. Both
signs can be generous friends and true revolutionaries with the power to reform society.
Like Aries Gloria Steinem and Aquarius Oprah Winfrey, these signs rebel against unfair
rules—neither will be restricted by gender, race, or any label placed on them. Anything
new and never tried before excites them.