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Zodiac Love Matcher


These ambitious souls are both reaching for the number-one spot. Once they get there,
Capricorn wants to stay forever, while Aquarius is already off on the next vision quest.
Their karmic bond will be tight, and Aquarius will have a natural sympathy for Capricorn's
paint-by-numbers approach to life, even if it seems overly simple to them. Capricorn will
sense that Aquarius can teach them how to think outside the box, even if the
unconventional approach makes Cap a tad uncomfortable.

Both signs are a surprising mix of mainstream and eccentric, though Capricorn's
weirdness is a result of repression, while Aquarius' just comes naturally. Traditional
Caps prefer to tone down their eccentricity, while Aquarians wear theirs proudly. Neither
one is overly touchy-feely in the public eye; they both like to keep it cool and composed
to guard their reputations. Speaking of which, fame has a special appeal to their
tastebuds. Both signs are goal and fame driven, with strong workaholic tendencies.