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Zodiac Love Matcher


These two free-spirited air signs may both need an extra push before they'll get romantic
and stop saying the other is "just a friend." If they can retire from the buddy system and
move a little closer, this could be a sweet blend of two creative, quirky souls.
Conversation will never bore them, and the out-there ideas will run nonstop. This tag
team can move mountains when they put their minds together.

As air signs, they both need plenty of space and freedom. They can either blow a lot of
hot air, or produce a forceful wind that pushes everything into motion. Both signs are
often surrounded by strange friends and unusual ideas. Adventure and independence
are their middle names, and they're comfortable keeping it light. Sci-fi, new technology
and all things futuristic will capture their mutual interest. With their highly original ideas,
they may feel misunderstood, even ostracized, by the mainstream. No surprise that
Aquarius Big Boi and Gemini Andre 3000 teamed up on a musical group called Outkast.