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Zodiac Love Matcher


These opposite signs both have a way of snapping up the spotlight just by standing in it.
As a result, they can either be co-stars or competitors, especially if their powerful egos
get in the way. Busy Aquarius may not have time to catch every act of Leo's drama.
Lovey-dovey Leo may not be able to fully express their passion with cool-and-collected
Aquarius. With well-defined roles, they make great co-stars. Shared levels of success
are the key to balance, otherwise they can fall into the trap of superstar Whitney
Houston (Leo) whose life took a tailspin when she married flailing Aquarius Bobby
Brown. As rivals, they'll bring out each other's worst qualities.

Leo and Aquarius are both fixed signs, meaning they like to declare goals then steadily
reach them. Both signs take disappointment hard, and may demand perfection of
themselves and/or others, leading them to implode from their own self-created pressure.
It's hard to tell if they're naughty or nice—they can flip between the roles of teacher's pet
and rebellious showoff. These signs are both intensely competitive and hardworking.
They make powerful managers, team leaders, and creative coordinators. Both signs can
be forceful and manipulative when they want to get their way.