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Zodiac Love Matcher


Although these signs may have many conflicting approaches, they allow each other to
see vulnerabilities that they don’t often show. Both are control freaks in their own ways.
Scorpio may feel extra-needy with independent Aquarius, which makes this control-
loving sign uncomfortable. Aquarians feel understood at their core, and may feel that
Scorpios can help them reach their goals. With a willingness to work hard and handle
each other with care, this relationship can teach them how to toughen up their "weak
spots" and soften their stubbornness.

These are both "fixed" signs who like to mark their territory and build a solid foundation
right there. Ambitious by nature, neither one is easily stopped by obstacles that would
frighten other signs away. Both are intrigued by mystery and the unexplained, and love
to "dig" at any information that piques their curiosity. They’re competitive perfectionists
who can be very hard on themselves, and expect nothing short of top billing as their
ultimate goal. Although they’re both loyal to trusted friends, they can give off a cool
façade—Aquarian detachment and Scorpio ice can be intimidating to encounter.