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Zodiac Love Matcher


Energetic Aries wants to be first at everything, and the competition could turn up the
heat. As the zodiac's first sign, they may have a childlike quality and can also act like
screaming infants if their basic needs aren't met. Both Aries will need plenty of attention
and freedom, and they'll understand this duality in each other. As long as they're able to
work out an even give-and-take system, this can be a relationship of bottomless passion
coupled with a fiercely loyal friendship.

Most rams are stubborn and driven, charging headfirst into any challenge and butting at
obstacles until they break through. Born megastars, they're aggressive, dynamic and
competitive. They always have to be special. These are macho men and liberated
women—even the ones who play innocent have a fierce streak in them. Attention is an
issue—they want to be taken care of, and may go for a mommy/daddy type who spoils
them. Aries rules the nervous system, so they may have a few neurotic habits, like
germophobia or bizarrely specific food preferences.