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Zodiac Love Matcher


Aries is the "baby" of the zodiac who wants to be spoiled, and Capricorn is the "daddy,"
looking to take care of somebody special. It can be a family affair as long as they're both
comfortable in these roles. Energetic Aries can lighten Capricorn's heavy spirits, while
disciplined Cap can direct Aries' impulsive energy into a solid structure. Like Aries Celine
Dion and her Capricorn manager-husband Rene Angelil, this combo works best when
Aries is the star and Capricorn is the quiet background producer—and they rise to the
heights of status and fame together.

Both signs are self-centered and ambitious—they want to be at the top, pampered and
livin' it up. They can be stubborn and pushy, refusing to compromise when they want
something. Without a solid goal and an upward track, these high achievers may get lost
in unhappiness and frustration. They both like to win, and need to feel admired and
respected in their game. An MVP award would be the ultimate achievement.