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Zodiac Love Matcher


Aries rules the brain and Gemini rules the intellect—what a meeting of the minds. As two
of the best verbal communicators in the zodiac, they usual find an instant understanding.
In most cases, they won't suffocate each other, since they both love freedom. Attention-
starved Aries may be unsure they'll get the babying they need; changeable Gemini may
worry that their freedom will be stolen by Aries demands.

These adventurers like to "think different," and love anything that challenges their minds.
Debating is their forte, and they can twist a foe's brain into knots. Both signs are often
articulate speakers, writers and thinkers who love to talk for hours. They won't be told
what to believe or who to become, so don't step to them with unsolicited advice unless
you want to be told where to put it. Neither sign is a master of tact, and prefers brutal
honesty to pretty lies. When they want something, get out of the way unless you want to
be bulldozed. In relationships, they're easily bored, always ready to run off to the next