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Zodiac Love Matcher


They're competitive, controlling and slow to trust—so who's gonna open up first? The
heat is intense and the passion is in overdrive, as long as they're equally committed.
Compromises will have to be made between Scorpio's insatiable need for security, and
Aries' unquenchable thirst for freedom. Scorpio possessiveness could light the quick
Aries temper. Aries' roving eye and flirtatious style could spark Scorpio jealousy into a
frenzy. Nobody wants to be around either of these signs when they're upset.

These signs are passionate and powerful—they don't feel anything halfway, and may
carry many scars. Aries is ruled by aggressive Mars, and Scorpio is co-ruled by Mars
and power-planet Pluto. Both are ambitious and driven—when they want something,
they'll stop at nothing to get it. Once these signs are mad, they're often blinded by rage,
and can be deeply unforgiving. Both signs are control freaks with fragile egos, ruthless
determination, and a desire to be untouchable in their game.